Sunday, January 25, 2009


Just wanted to let you in on my new online crush........

Matt Koval on YouTube!

This guy is so talented. He's a filmmaker from Cali and produces quality short vids. He's also a great story-teller and pretty good looking to boot. Most people say they can't stop staring at his green eyes but for some reason, I'm more into his teeth ha. I'm supposed to be quantifying evaluations but I just spent the last 45 minutes watching his 13 YouTube video clips... and even re-watching a few! Here's a couple sample vids of what he does - he actually produces a variety of different types of videos: stupid funny, stories, PSAs, Just-So-You-Know ones... etc. etc.. I recommend every video!

Stupid-funny: The Fuplers (said FOO-plers): Thalad Drething
(Like the well-known YouTuber
Happy Slip where one person plays multiple characters)

True story:
Jack Nicholson's Elbow

Serious: Tenth (an aspect of 9/11)


Nat said...

the salad dressing one is kind of creepy. i cant say im too fond of his "other characters"... i like how happy slip does it better! neat - he also did a video with happy slip (aka christine) ...the flossing one! i wonder if they're going out.. i forget.

Melanie said...

natty! omgosh! he's GREEK! look at his last name, Kovalakides!!
wooooooooooow, most handsome greek guy i've ever far...

Natasha said...

WHAT they're going out????