Friday, October 3, 2008


My goodness I go through phases don't I? It's all about online shopping again, so make way for my adorations.

I adore this umbrella!!
I really like her umbrella too!

Pop Basics Racer Back Dress [$120]
I like the sheer outerlayer
Leg envy!! I forgot her name...You can't really see, but her legs are so thin. This is what Koreans wear to their celebrity friend's wedding.
More leggy leg legs @ NY fashion week. Wow [puts down my brownie]
Killer shoes !!Messy bun envy

Messy post... Je n'aime pas!
Junsu looks like he's chilling in a coffin almost... lol
Didn't go to school today, studied a bit, made a mess in the kitchen, went to work, met Nad to give her stuff + we went to Shoppers before shift + dropped by to say hi to Artemis, work work work w/ lovely, happy customers, sold a lot of drinks to legal tables as a result of my persuasion, ate cake as usual, M picked me up. Hosting tmr... checked the reservation book... it's super busy. I haven't hosted at all in September! Darn...