Saturday, October 4, 2008

Worth Watching

Whoda thought I'd have something remotely political on here.

Pink Is The New Blog informed me that some celebrities came together to make a couple public service announcements, encouraging American youth to vote.

Here's Jessica Alba and Hayden Panettiere in a 3 minute, cheeky, The-Shopping-Channel-type informercial. It's called The Muzzler.

And this one features a bunch of celebrities and it's created by Leonardo DiCaprio, will i. am, Tobey Maguire, and Forest Whitaker. This is the uncensored version - telling you "not to vote".

I think that they're both equally amusing in their own different ways.
Were Jessica and Hayden good choices or did the whole PSA seem ridiculously childish considering the legal age group they were targeting? And how about the whole "reverse psychology" in the beginning of the 2nd one?
Which do you think is more effective?


Nat said...

huh. interesting.. the first one is pretty obvious the reverse psychology, but... the second one is pretty harsh in the beginning.. im still watching.. i was afraid it would be all the same since the beginning, but the shift is pretty good.
it's really interesting how many things "vote" things are integrating into youth culture.. it's very good! i'm very impressed with the campaigns, i think they're well done, and it's everywhere, not just small ads like this (tho i really like this ad! the second one i mean. very well edited and the actors are really good...) i mean, on ANTM they had a photoshoot based around voting.. how much more integrated does it get!

ohhh jennifer aniston "god i hope you have 5 friends" ..and then courtney cox "..i did have five friends" ahhh i love that. hahaha nice subtlety there!

natasha♡ said...

i thought the second one was far more impressive and persuasive.
the first one, with jessica basically screaming was just too obnoxious and made me want to stop watching. the tone in the second one is much better. also, the simplicity of the second one puts much more focus on the issues whereas the first one is too messy.

...i'm not from the US though, so i won't be able to vote anyway...

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