Sunday, October 5, 2008

Please Mr. Postman, Make My Week

I think I just opened this page out of routine... I wasn't even thinking oh my. Oh so full! M + her dad fed me tonight! Yummm as usual. :D I stink of restaurant again... that's such a con for working there! The stench lingers in my clothes for days... and even my coats stink. I can't wash my coat everytime! And I'm so squeaky clean on the weekends 'cause I always shower before a shift and then the next morning (poor bedsheets, I wash them often though). My hair picks up on the smell too. Work yesterday was even more fun than usual - we had a great team. Everyone is great and helps each other out doing everything. I hosted for the first time in a long while + was suuuuper intimidated by the reservation list. Every single spot was filled and someone put a large reservation of 15 at 7PM (we're not allowed to! There's not enough space in the restaurant!!). The customers were great even though the large reservations of 13, 16, and 15 had to wait an hour for their tables 'cause their previous tables just wouldn't leave, but other than that, all my time predictions for walk-ins were spot on to the minute! It was just luck, but it was great + actually wasn't very stressful at all. Today, on the other hand, was very uneventful at work. It was probably my saddest serving shift ever too (in terms of tables). It was surprisingly slowish. My hurting feet (AH I need some super comfy black flats again... Payless flats hurt this season..). and tiredness didn't help I guess. For some reason, I've been going to bed around 1-2AM every night for the past few days and my internal clock wakes me up at 6 hours! Doushite?! Not looking forward to this week with my Intro to Linguistics midterm on Wed worth 20% and Natural Hazards midterm on Thursday worth 20% too. TBH, I'm a bit afraid of these midterms... I sort of need to do decently well this term in order to get into business (like, no B-!) but I'm not ready for these midterms! I do have all of Tuesday to study, but still... anyway, I should be receiving a few packages in the mail soon :D

I got off work an hour early today. While I was waiting for M to pick me up, I tried on many lip glosses at Shoppers and really liked Shiseido's The Makeup Lipgloss.
Though it may seem very pigmented in the tube, every shade is so versatile for every pair of lips + is so sheer and non-sticky unlike MAC or Lancome Juicy Tube ones. I was impressed. Only thing is that it doesn't seem like it'd last very long. Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect were equally impressive and had the same consistancy and versatility as Shiseido's, but stood at $31 compared to Shiseido's $26. Shoppers is way overpriced anyway. Shiseido sells for $20.50 at Sephora, and Dior for $24.50.
I strongly believe I'm a lip gloss addict. I really love lip glosses though I don't own very many. I used to have a lot back in high school and eventually got rid of them all. Right now, I only use MAC's Wanderlust, a Rimmel London Underground High Shine clear + a free Mariah Carey version in this very nude pink that matches my lip colour perfectly.
Here's a few lippies I can't wait to try though!
NARS [$24] Ah a must!
Yves Saint Laurant [$28] Shimmering Gloss
Excellent reviews, and there's gold on the tube! How lux.
Laura Mercier Lip Glace [$22]
Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss [$18]
Oh wow.. 84 reviews on Sephora and they have a perfect rating of 5/5 stars!! Plus, it's the cheapest.
Givenchy Pop Gloss [$23.50]

I now know what I'm going to get on my next trip to Sephora!
OK I'm exhausted... I'm going to sleep. Long day tomorrow! Alana is visiting!

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