Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I watched DBSK on Sukura Kiss The Radio today. It wasn't as fun as last time's, probably 'cause both Jaejoong and Junsu were sick, but there were some funny moments as usual.

Junsu oppa... (middle) 어디에?

Something strange came over me today. My tutorial at Harbour Centre ended early today so I went downtown to do some shopping... wasn't looking for anything in particular but I knew it'd be nice if I could find a pair of boots or black flats or a coat of some sort. But the thing was, I didn't feel like shopping!!! This has NEVER HAPPENED!! What's happening to me... Everything was so uninspiring today + I didn't find anything... even those Frye over-the-knee boots didn't get me excited.. well, I found this deep emerald green silky muffler scarf at UO with a mini yellow/mustard semi-peacock-esque pattern but decided against because I didn't feel like lining up (about 6-7 ppl in line).. which means I didn't like it enough. Maybe this is why I'm resorting to online shopping these days! But don't get me wrong - any trip to the States will get me excited again.

[Edit] I've qualified for another survey via Matchstick. It's the same company I got my Zune from. Hurray, I get a package tomorrow! Harajuku fragrances. Will definitely post about them once I test them out.


Nat said...

how do u qualify for those matchstick surveys?!? do share :):)

haha i often, sometmes dont feel like shopping and dims is always "WHAAT?? You dont feel like SHOPPING?!?!?!" = ='' sometimes u're just so tired! today i believe the sudden shift in weather would be partly to blame. people were irritable on the skytrain, so was i, etc.. even tho it wasnt raining too hard ..just the grey and thought of the impending winter. SAD - seasonal affected? disorder! so sad. and i wore all greys today too how lame. colour!

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