Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Last Few Days

As part of my resolution to take more pictures... tadaaaa!

My new leopard scarf! Kind of loving leopard right now... in accessories, dresses, and wraps.
My eyes look partly glassy-gray in this picture - maybe a reflection.
Ohh and messy background....
I love Korean food.... + lemon sojux2
I am mich 3 and she is mich 1 (the original). Mich is short for michoso which means crazy in Korean. My mom is mich 2.
Fun night ^^
B&W pics sure mask redness...
Downtown practically 5 days in a row...
(Just wanted to note that this is the first year I have ever finished Christmas shopping (for the main ppl) more than 1 week before Christmas).
Trying on this horse-riding cape (so I call it) @ Zara. A bit too much excess material, but neat! I love capes.
M and her childhood Xmas bear that I named "Rico".We hardly have any pictures together, so here goes:
Love bright bathrooms!
But I don't like to be clawed...
I am zee master at zee fishie face
(and I'm getting much better at sel-ca). ^^
Prefer not to be poked, either. Thanks.

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Nat said...

that's a really nice pic of mel and her teddy!! the other pics are nice too haha