Thursday, December 17, 2009

Can't Stop Thinking About...

A black lace dress
[ASOS Lace Slash Neck Bandeau Dress]
White (lace) dress
A crisp, white waist trench for the Spring season
LV's Inclusion Bracelets in all colours possible
A floral printed chiffon or silk maxi dress (most preferably a non-cow like one)
THIS sequined dress O_O it's so perfect... I need to go shopping in the flea shops in Milan NOW!
A fun party dress like this
A 1.25 inch curling iron
These Hot Tools Professional Spring ones have great reviews and they're only $30USD!
But.. it's not ceramic nor tourmaline nor ionic... so you'll get results but more damaged hair.
Pretty luggage: LV Keepall 50 w/ Shoulder Strap hotstamped. This looks sort of honkin' in this picture, but it's just only 19.7" x 11.4" x 8.6" which is a good size for traveling.
Longchamp LM - wish it was bigger so it could be more of a travel bag.
Got my "something leopard" yesterday :D Thick leopard print bangle would be nice.
Black pants (thicker) that act like leggings except straight-legged..
And I need some shorts.

My holiday has officially STARTED! I even wish I didn't have to work so every day can be spontaneously free!

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