Saturday, October 11, 2008

Regret, Guilt, Goodbye, Tears... Hope?

Cute little Cecil McBee (Japanese boutique) cropped peacoat [$93CDN]
Has a hood in the back -- hopefully detachable, but the material isn't what I expected... it's not wool.
Did OJ survey in the morning - woo some money to go towards my boot fund lol. Then went to D's for pho w/ B and JT. Started getting really tired + quite sore-throaty.. and then when I came home, I realized I had a fever. Called in to take tonight's shift off =( Had family din but didn't go either in case I was to contaminate... instead had M's dinner. Got quite a bit better as the night went on with my tea + Halls + vit c + echinecea lozanges.

We watched a K-movie M bought at the night market. It's called "The Little Prince", I think... let's just say I haven't full-out cried so much in over 2 years! The acting was great. My heart felt like it was being ripped apart so many times... not sure if I could watch this again. I think it's also probably the most heart-wrenching Korean movie too... maybe I should stop hyping up how sad it is. Go watch.

I need to sleep more... whenever I type this when I'm really tired, I just want to put "zzzz" as my title.

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