Monday, October 13, 2008


Spent Thanksgiving with B, D, JT, and M @ my house late at night, sleepover, a huge + late dimsum meal, 2 movies (21 and Sex And The City!! Enjoyed both thoroughly. Movies + acting are done so well these days... my heart goes on such a roller coaster!), lots of pigging out, and music and fun. Also made and wrote sweet little "thank you" cards for each other ♥

I didn't do ANY homework whatsoever this weekend... luckily, nothing is due next week. I've got work tomorrow. I think I'll do some project research afterward.

I'm also starting my detox Master Cleanse tonight for 10 days, so please do not invite me out to eat or bring me food, but thanks for the thought. I end on Oct 23rd and I'll be fine, thanks!

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