Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Is it weird to open the door for any guy/man older than you if you're a girl? The other day at the bank, I reached the door first and this guy, around mid-30's was probably 2 feet away, so I opened the door, pulling back and signaled that he could go in first. He shook his head (I couldn't really tell... a bit agitatedly?) and gestured that I go in first... so I did. You think it hurts their ego or something? Or just common courtesy to let girls go first?

Had a garbage incident yesterday...

Anyway, after watching Sex And The City + seeing that wedding dress courtesy of the quirky
(though, for me, I'd choose the Oscar De La Renta one), I went VW online shopping!
Winter Tartan Yasmin Bag Bedrock 3391 [$539.40]
So cute! I love this bag

Mini Bas Relief Bracelet on Chain [$121.80]
Composition: Swarovski Crystals, White metal Rhodium plated

Love the bag in the frontRed and White Tartan [$706]
Pretty pencil case/makeup brushes bag! [$324]
Nappa Nero [97pounds]VW must be doing even better than usual this year, considering argyle is very in.

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