Friday, October 10, 2008

The Un-boiled Egg

Long day today -- I'm not feeling too well now. Early morning started w/ going to do an orange juice survey with Becky for 15 min -- gotta go in for 10 min tomorrow. I taste tested 3 types and had to rate them. Two of them tasted quite good, but the last one was just awful. I made my Bocconcini face and the lady laughed, that bad eh? Quickly ate a bowl of chili soup from Tim Ho's - pretty good, and headed home to wash my hair. Met w/ Becky later to watch The Duchess @ 5th Cinema but we had some difficulties and ended up shopping downtown. I was looking for some cheapcheap black flats for work -- ended up getting a pretty ugly pair from Payless for $30 that ended up hurting my feet still... also bought 2 coats from Zara -- one navy and one black. I like them both and think I'll keep them, but we'll see if I can find any better. Also got myself a pair of black stockings from Club Monaco! I was having such a hard time finding a pair that had the perfect amount of opaqueness. Haven't tried them yet, but I think they should be fine. Then ate beef rib soup @ Submore and got to work early. I was both internally + externally exhausted. I need to sleep.

Oh yea -- the title of this post relates to what happened at work today -- there was a group of 6, young Koreans at a table. Jessica gave them their eggs and was about to explain to them how to use the eggs when one of the girls quickly took the egg and, obviously thinking that they were hard-boiled, cracked it on the side of her Oppa's head! I didn't see it happen -- I only saw the aftermath and there was raw egg, dripping from his hair haha! Hilarrrrrrriioussssssssss!

Nice coat from Moussy's Japanese online store... diff brand though. [$230CDN]

Intermix Golde Hooded Cape Coat [$465]Nordstrom finally brought in some of the boots I've been looking for!!
Pour la Victoire 'Malorie' Boot [$349]
I think I've posted this boot before --
Dolce Vita 'Wendy' Tall Boot [$274]
Looks a bit cheap, but simply perfect.
Eric Michael 'Vogue' Boot [$249]
Can fold down toooo
And tadaaa this is the boot I've been looking for.
Juicy Couture 'Camden' Riding Boot [$hehe...]
Love the glossiness toooo.... and the material!!
Back... love black and gold detail
Need now!


Nat said...

hahahahahhahahahaha to the egg incident!! you'd think she'd shake the egg a bit just to be on safe side... but i guess..not. hah i bet she will never pick an egg up the same............... too funny :P i wonder if he was mad! was everyone laughing?!?!?!?

mm TWO coats/!?! me wants to seee the h&m one i bought last year is still good but not warm enough for this biting chill that's comign in :S esp not in the mornings. dont really want to bring out my down/wool coat yet = ='' ho hum did u get my txts about the purple outfits?!?! how devastating :P

speaking of stockings i just ruined a pair today :( walked too close to a crate and a nail/wood sliver snagged it. boo! good pair too, Hue brand. from NY ! blah. i still have another pair.. but my mom says she can buy them for $1! 50c! hah she always says that . i doubt it >=( hopefully if she sees any she'll snag some for me.... else im gona buy another pair that's thicker. must go to bay/sears to see selection. how mcuh were the club monaco ones?

WAT?! boccocini face - you DONT LIKE boccocini?!?! is that wat you mean?!?! i loooove boccocini! SO GOOD except my mom buys a small tub and it soaks in that water but my mom thought she'd be smart and soak it in salt water instead so it would last longer and not spoil so now they're all mushy and overly salty *shudder*

time to shower

Natasha said...

lol yes everyone was laughing hahaha

I'm a coat freak... I have 3 other coats I want to see in person before I buy! They're much warmer than the Zara ones -- I want to keep them both but I'll probably end up only keeping one.

lol yes - I did get your purple outfit text!

Oooo $1? Well it really depends on how opaque the stockings are -- Even the AA ones out there are a weird type of opaque... I still haven't tried the club monaco ones, but they were $26. I wonder if I can return them if they're not the ones I want but I saw a lady wearing them and it looked fine on her.

I like boccocini - like the Italian kind! Just not those small balls you can find at costco... those are GROSSSSSS

Thanks == I'm feeling quite a bit better -- I just needed some rest. I should be good to work tomorrow!