Thursday, October 9, 2008

Brush Spree

Not sure what to expect for the Natural Hazards midterm tomorrow -- I went through all the lecture notes thoroughly and I think it's sticking in my brain but we'll find out tomorrow.

Made a very quick purchase on Coastal Scents for makeup brushes. Browsing + buying in under 10 minutes! It cost about $30USD including shipping. Coastal Scents is known for their very reasonable prices for good quality brushes. They also sell mineral powder for eyeshadows and blushes etc.

Black on Black Taklon Angle Liner [$1.85]
There was also a pearl pink version with the same 5/5 star review but I resisted...
This one looks nice and sleek.
Italian Badger Blush Brush [$8.99]
Apparently very soft and very real. It looks like it was designed for a 65 year old Italian woman, but oh well - function over fashion in this case.

Italian Badger Angle Brush [$6.99]
Not sure why I bought an angle brush -- I just wanted one... perhaps for some contouring in the future when I find out how.

Pink Kabuki Brush [$4.99]
I know what you're thinking. It's my legally blonde brush!! I wouldn't have given this looks-like-made-for-a-12-year-old brush a 2nd chance if it weren't for the 5/5 star ratings from 37 people.
It's made of sable and goat hair.Pro Red Sable Kabuki Brush [$3.49]

This one is new so there aren't any reviews. I'm buying these Kabuki brushes for my mom ('cause right now she's using this super crappy synthetic CG brush that I sort of matted up when I attempted to clean it.. and she likes my Everyday Minerals Baby Kabuki) This one looks a lot more grown up than the previous lol I'm gonna take a chance and buy both. So cheap anyway!
Shipping for all of this from Florida = $5.

It would be nice to have a full set of brushes from the same company but I never use all the brushes anyway. This should last me 5 years or so.

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Nat said...

ah! i need a blush brush, though... the cg one i use is decent enouhg. i dont really put on foundation makeup anymore coz it takes wayyyy tooo long in the darn early mornings (brutal!) dont even put eyeliner.. i gave up. haha only minimal procedures!! anyway that last kabuki brush looks great! so cheap at 3.49.. probably half the price of my cg one!!! ai.