Monday, March 17, 2008

Ring Bling

Caught 10 minutes of a The Hills rerun this morn - the one when Heidi and Spencer got engaged. Spencer bought the ring from some accessory store called ICE. Who buys an engagement ring from an accessory store??? Plus, he's like "give me the most bling ring you have" and then he compared the ring to JLo's and Kobe's wife's. But, in actuality, the ring is a fake and only cost him a little less than $3,000..... (he tore up the receipt in the store.. maybe so no one would know how much - I mean, little - he paid for it?) I'm not saying that you have to buy expensive engagement rings and this isn't indicative of mine in any way, but seriously! For such a well-off guy, how cheap is that? Engagement rings are usually $3,000-5,000 for the average person.
I have to admit, he has good taste - that the ring is gorgeous. It's almost exactly what I'd love.
A closer look. I love light amethyst. Perfect size. It's princess cut too. J'adore.
Ah it'd suit me so well.

I also saw this ring on Audrina and I really liked it.
It's not selling anymore, but it's from Juicy Couture. It looks so much better on her than it does in this picture.

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