Sunday, March 16, 2008

Oh The Triplarity

All this talk about my exchange to Korea is really making me extremely excited (!!) but I gotta admit I'm quite worried I might not make it in (mainly b/c of the reference letters), but I'm definitely gonna try really hard to of course.

I booked my hotel, Greyhound down to Seattle, and flight today for my LA trip. This will be the first official trip w/out having someone else pre-plan our activities. This will be the first time we won't have anyone picking us up from the airport, the first time we will have to pay for our own hotel directly, and the first time noone will treat us for meals.
I mean, this is really only a 1 week trip, but I'm fantastically excited to go!!

OK I'll go back down to earth now...
Because I woke up late, cleaned the house, and did dinner w/ my mom's side, I didn't get much of a chance to do any homework. Tomorrow (I mean, later today) I definitely have to do some exercise, finish writing my Japanese presentation + powerpoint, and read geography text.
Monday, I have my mani appointment at 12 and will practice my Japanese presentation, read English (hopefully find an ad), and write English 2nd essay proposal. Tuesday, practice more Japanese and look over essay proposal and find an example for Op-Ed. Tralalalalaaaa lots to do.


Nat said...

that's pretty cool - finally YOUR own trip! wow fun. i wonder wen i'll do that.. eh, not for a while. since i just got my visa bill today. *cries*.. $457.90 .. dims was like "that's not THAT much"..and i say "yes it is, especially when it's usually $50!" .. sighhhh. buuut a few of them are big dinners which i paid for my friends (in NY) and they paid me back.

oh good, you decided to write on ads? :D

N said...

hahaha yea that's not that much!
Oh wow I'd be so happy the day that my Visa bill is only $50. I pay it online all the time whenever I feel like it so I never really have an official statement.

Yep - writing on ads! It's a bit more difficult than I thought it would be. Still haven't found any, but I think I'll use cars.