Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hollywood Bowl: 2nd Round

Aw boo... b/c I copied and pasted so much, this post is all out of whack.
got a surprise today! We weren't supposed to get the 2nd batch of artists until Friday, but they released them today instead!


SUPER JUNIOR T HAHA - First thought: FUN!!!! This group is a subgroup from Super Junior that debuted in 2007. I think of it as the "comical" side rather than the "talented" side (which was the 3 member subgroup K.R.Y). Members: Lee Teuk (cutie), Hee Chul (a really interesting guy), Shin Dong (lol! Great dancer and funny), Kang In (awww yay! My 2nd favourite), Sung Min (don't know much about him but he was really funny in that Explorations of the Human Body episode with DBSK), and Eun Hyuk (lol... Junsu's 'best friend'). They're style is... trot. I was not expecting them at all and I didn't even think of the possibility of breaking SuJu up - in fact, I forgot that they even existed! So far they only have a song out called "Rogguguh" - Makes me smile! Take a look! It's super fun. I present you SUPER JUNIOR T (Trot) - ROKKUGO (Which means Backwards) MV w/ Eng Subs which actually make it a lot better haha! (I can't seem to find an HQ version) Everything is backwards, Rokkugo!

WONDER GIRLS Wow they're gonna be a big hit - esp. w/ all the practice they've been getting with their American tour. I should hone up on my Tell Me dance skills. I just realized I can use that same dance for Rokkugo! How versatile lolll
LEE HYO RI I'm actually pretty interested in her performance! I dont' think I've ever seen her sing - only dance. It'd be great to see her since she's so well known and pretty and iconic and all. I just know her for her ads and commercials. OK I just checked out a performance from last year - her voice is pretty alright! I like her deepish tone. That is, only if she sings a ballad... her non-ballads are not that great. Oh well, I'll enjoy watching her dancing Pussycat Doll style (aka Sexy) lol. Apparently she came to HB in 2006.
OAK JU HYUN I don't know who she is. According to my very quick research, she (80-er) came last year to HB and was a member of Fin.K.L from a long time ago. From wiki: Although recognized for her vocal talents, Ock received much criticism for her weight, being larger than the average K-Pop star, and for her looks, which were deemed as unattractive. Over the years, she attempted to lose weight and conform to what fans' expectations were of her, but she did not fully succeed. Poor girl. At least she has talent.
ERU YAY I was hoping he'd come actually 'cause I kept on rewatching his HB 2007 perf of Black Glasses over + over + over again. He's handsome too! Sarang! I wonder if he'll sing Black Glasses again. I hope so! This will be the last time before he goes to the army I hear.
TAE JINA (AKA Tae Jin Ah) I've never heard of this artist either. Sounds like a girl's name. OH he's Eru's dad!! lol I've heard a lot of good things about him! Check out this commercial - Eru + his dad! What a cute, happy little man!
The next batch comes out in 3 days. I'm pretty happy with this batch. B and I both agree that this would be the ultimate concert if Big Bang, DBSK, SNSD, and Tim came... and maybe even Super Junior K.R.Y!! And somehow Hankyung... EEK I'm going to die tomorrow in English! My bad time management skills for this course hit rock bottom this week. I realize I have 2 fairly long articles to read for tomorrow's tutorial discussion (and I can't find any summaries online!) because I don't know which ones we'll be discussing. Plus, I still can't think of any strong examples to use for my English proposal due tomorrow and I think I should just scrap what I have and start all over again... or just hand in what I have and get whatever measly percent I can (this is only worth 5%) and then go in to the TA next week (hopefully w/ a much better idea) and talk to her about my REAL plan for the essay (6 pages worth 30%). This way, I can get to know her better and maybe this will help w/ her writing a reference letter for me for my exchange! It's 1:25AM. Let's get a crackin'.

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