Thursday, March 20, 2008


Ah I feel so bad. Lately I've been unhappy with the shampoo in the house - I don't enjoy taking showers anymore. My mom promised that once we finish all the shampoo in the house (including all the hotel ones we've been racking up over the years), I can choose my own brand. So for the past 3-4 months, I have been using their shampoo! All the shampoo I bought was finished a long time ago and what's left are: Head and Shoulders Intense (which noone likes 'cause it's intense and doesn't lather and what not so that was a mistake to buy), a huuge AG shampoo bottle (that my mom bought like 5 years ago.. very concentrated stuff... and there's half a bottle left... like a litre! Lucky I'm even using it? Should be!), a smaller AG bottle that you only need a little of at a time (someone gave my dad recently), and a Loreal Vive shampoo for coloured hair that reeks and is totally diluted for some reason that no one touches... I have no idea where we got that from. So there's NO conditioner at all in the house 'cause I used up all the hotel ones! And my mom won't buy any.
Yesterday night, my dad told me he bought Garnier Fructis. But me, having my mind set on getting the Shiseido on Friday (b/c I thought it was unfair that I had to use shampoo my hair doesn't like and I didn't choose and I want to try a non drug-store brand), immediately said afterwards "can I still get my Shiseido?" - he said "do whatever" in a tone I can't describe. I just saw the bottles this morning and I feel REALLY bad. All along, I thought he bought Fructis for the whole family, but 1. My dad bought one Long and Strong and one Body and Volume (both which are what I need) so he bought them specifically for me (and he never buys me things like this!) and 2. I totally forgot that Garnier Fructis is made more for girls (right?) so my dad wouldn't buy it for himself or my brother at all! I was being so unappreciative yesterday because I didn't think before I reacted. I was really excited to get my Shiseido (b/c of all the great reviews online and such), but now that's going to have to wait... after I finish 2 bottles of Garnier Fructis.... and one is shampoo + conditioner in one and the other is only shampoo. Oh there I go being unappreciative again... [SLAP SLAP SLAP]

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