Thursday, March 20, 2008

Just My Luck

In other news, I am DEVASTATED!!!!!!!

The "The Salon" Fitted Wool Jacket is SOLD OUT on YesStyle and I wanted to get it so badly! NOOOO I just checked yesterday and both Small AND Medium were in stock.
GAH what a horrible day so far!
[Bangs head on table]
To make me feel better, I didn't buy it right away 'cause the back was quite a few inches shorter than the front.
Doesn't that look weird? Sure, it gives it character, but it might just emphasize my butt. They don't really show you a good picture of the back so I wonder if any of the purchasers know... Another thing is that I didn't really know what type of material it was - it seemed sort of like a sweatshirt material mixed in w/ some acrylic. And last of all, although I measured many many many times, I still couldn't decide between a small or a medium. If the model is wearing a small (which I think she is) then the jacket actually looks a bit too tight in some angles... and do I see small shoulder pads?) Armpits are a problem for me and I didn't want big armpits, but I didn't want it to be too constricting on the shoulders either. Oh yea - also, I can't afford it. SO yea.. I guess that makes me feel a little better. It's an awfully cute jacket though! Where am I going to find a slim-fit blazer like that for that price?? The Aritzia one is almost double. My heart is still dropped from learning this news. Next time I know to purchase right away!

Dsquared: Cropped Stretch Cotton Tailored Jacket [$995]

For good news, I ordered a lot of stuff from American Apparel on Ebay. Yay! Excited! Now almost all my American Apparel lusts are gonna be crossed off.

I am also horrendously excited about HauteLook's C&C California!! Will post about that someday soon!

I feel much better now yay!

I thought I should add some green 'cause of St. Patrick's Day and all.
Credits to Sweet Spot
What: Shamrock Shake
Where: McDonalds
How Much: $2.69 - $4.19
Why: As kids, we loved it because it was green. Now, we love this mint-flavoured milkshake because it’s triple-thick and delicious (and back for a limited time after a much-missed 5-year hiatus). For those keeping track, a medium shake has about the same calorie count as three and a half pints of Guinness —but we say nothing counts on holidays. Decisions, decisions…



Nat said...

as much as i like looking at yesstyle.. i stop myself because it's just too hard to see if it will look good on YOU , not just on the model. i've bought too many clothes online that i've only been half happy with. .soooo i think it's good you saved your money on this one, especially since you had so many things to gripe about anyway =P

about the shampoo, why cant you get your own bottle for yourself? let the rest of the family use the other bottles? or is it if u wait til u finish all the shampoo now, your mom will pay for it? haha. yeahhhh u should get ur dad something/do something for him to show how appreciative you really are :)

N said...

=0 what other pieces have you bought online that I don't know about?? Threadless, YesStyle dress, bikini?

Yea I'm waiting for my mom to pay for it. Shiseido is $14.99 each (1 for shampoo and 1 for conditioner). I can't afford to pay that much right now.
I plan on apologizing and explaining to my dad tonight =(

Nat said...

good job. i'm sure he'll appreciate a heartfelt apology.

well, threadless shirts.. i rarely wear anymore. and i bought so many :S they go well w/ hoodies and such but i dont wear those that often anymore. they dont go so well with v-neck sweaters and such haha.
the yes style dress didnt fit to what i had in mind, and it's kind of hard to wear, i can't really move much in it or else it bunches up awkwardly. it's still nice, just not wat i expected u know? of course, i cant have too high expectations.. but i figure, if i'm spending my money, i'd rather know exactlyyyyy what im getting. and the bikini, the picture online was dark grey! it came black = ='' even though the name was "bella black" i still thought the pic was wat it'd be. and ordering online, u dont get to try on the size up or down to see which fits better. the bikini is fine, i'm just kind of curious if smaller would've been better. yep! so i'm more satisfied to buy things in real - ..i even bought a book on amazon and wen it came, i was surprised to see it about half the size i expected :(

Nat said...

gah! i missed so many of your posts in the past week! where have i been??? ...jeez. normally i never miss them, even if i dont post something. hrmmm.. seriously, what have i been doing? *thinks to self*...

anyway, those bandeau swim suits are cute! yeah - no weird tan lines is right! but.. ... ... i'd be so paranoid about it coming off!!!!! that dress i got from urban behaviour that i wore for new years.. wow i didnt realize it while i was wearing it, but after looking at pics, it looked like it was gona fall off any second! i guess the bandeau style is more like a strapless bra..but even those don't stay up very well :S anyway, are u gona get one for the summer? preettyyyyy :D

and wah! you get to go to seattle! how nice.. i bet if my dad wasn't in ottawa, my mom would insist on going to the states this sat since i dont have to work (phew!). aw i was hoping we could meet up or something, i havent seen u in ages! though i do have some notes for you.. lol all in the past week. anyway, have fun in seattle!!!

N said...

COME to Seattle!
You know we're probably meeting up w/ the Lee's down there too.
Butchea!! Pssh you don't need your dad to be here to go -- ask!

haha yea - bandeau swimsuits are more for just tanning in or laying around the beach. Not really for hardcore swimming. Hopefully my bandeau will be tight enough to not fall off like my strapless bras are! I'm hoping to find a nice one! It's gotta be padded though ahaha or have some sort of subtle frill + pattern.

You know I'm getting more and more into longish oversizedish hoodies now. I got my uncle to bid on a couple AA hoodies (one is onlyl 99 cents! I wonder if that's legit).

N said...

Oh btw, I said "thanks for the Garnier Fructis" to my dad and he took it so lightly and was happy he thinks I like it. I don't think he realized how I was last night (thank goodness). Oh well. Suck it up! Just gotta find a conditioner.