Wednesday, March 19, 2008

J. Crew

I always wondered what the fascination w/ J. Crew was all about. When I think J. Crew, I automatically picture a 35 year old in a crisp, slim, tailored button-up (like the following) and solid pedal pushers. I was right, minus the 35 year old stereotype.
I think J. Crew has that whole "fresh Spring" look down pat.
Kimono-dot twisted-placket shirt [$78] - very cute.
Striped Kelly Shirt [$59.50] How classic - love the 3/4 fold sleeves
Great blues!
They also have jackets -- it really reminds me of a more refined (and expensive) GAP.
They've got some cute swimsuits that are around $40-50/piece for separates and around $88 for one-pieces.
I have a new obsession with bandeau-style (AKA strapless band-like) swimsuits.
No weird tan lines!
Solid twist-front padded bandeau tank
A 60'/70's take on swimsuits. I think it looks best on either really curvy girls or really hipless. This makes the model's hips look big. Scary model.ShopBop has a nicer version though - this one scrunches all the way down for that extra security and to disguise any extra tummy folds. Also a scary model. When did she start modeling for ShopBop??
Even more retro? I don't remember if this one is from Macy's or Victoria's Secret.Bright-Stripe padded twist bandeau
This one looks like a candy. I wish it was in a diff colour and I only like twist on the top.
ShopBop has this nautical version - like the colours.
Seashore-print ring bandeau
I think this next one is pretty elegant for a swimsuit!
Antibes Amber-Ring banded Tank [$90]
Bikini version:
Gold Anchor String Halter
This one is my favourite out of them all - my only gripes would be that 1. it's white and 2. I wish it'd be in a twisted bandeau version. But it has anchors on it! And it has gold chain! How cute!
A closer look:
My 2nd fav. would probably be this metallic bandeau from ShopBop - a ShopBop exclusive house brand.
Polynesian burnout tunic [$58]
What a nice beach coverup!!!! Really nice!!!
Helena Pave Sandals [$125]
V. pretty.Santorini Sandals [$88]
This is also available in black patent and gold. I thought that this orange-red was fun.
I'm pretty disappointed in J. Crew's bags though.
OK safe to say that I "get" J. Crew... (as if there was anything to get)
The fascination with L.L. Bean is a completely other story... I have no idea what people my age see in this brand besides maybe a monogram boat and tote bag.

Tralalaa I'm FINISHED my Japanese presentation! It went pretty OK minus the fact I didn't really memorize most of it even though I'm supposed to. Now 2 ppl are interested in the Taiwan trip! Woot woot. Ah this is great - I just have 1 thing due tomorrow. I like only having to concentrate on one thing. I just realized I only have a couple hours to finish it - off I go!!!!

2 days until 5-6 more artists are released for HB!

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