Monday, January 12, 2009


I should be in bed right now considering I have to wake up in 7.5 hours but I might not have time to post something until Thurs night 'cause I've got work tmr in N. Van and am most likely going out tmr night and then I'm doing a double shift on Wednesday so I'll be at the restaurant from 11:30AM-11PM w/ 2 hours break... and then on Thurs, I'm working in N. Van again!

Quick recap of today: Hung out with my mom and aunt today -- aunt decided she wanted to go to the states (she lives in Richmond) so we went down! How spontaneous =) We just hit up Ross, Costco, Bellis Fair, and Trader Joe's. The sales were pretty amazing. I ended up getting a Hello Kitty print robe (so soft! So flashy!) from Charlotte Russe (I didn't know they've actually been in BF since June! I'm sooo disappointed though... their stuff looks so much better in both design and quality online than in person. It's like Wetseal + Anchor Blue... xept (may I say) worse in quality??) for $6.99 (STEAL! My aunt got a top there for $4!), a supersoft light wool-like gray long A&F Evie Cardigan for $28, Bio-Oil and Maybelline XXL Extensions mascara (based on one Youtube review I watched 2 days ago... accidentally got Brownish-black instead of blackish black ooopsss... here's for the more natural look hehehe...) from Rite Aid. We bought a lot of groceries too!

Eek laptop battery is gonna die in 30 seconds!

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Nat said...

jealoussss :P
how nice, that kind of spontaneity is so great!!!!!

i hit up metro for their sidewalk sale... got 2 pairs of tights from smart set, 2/14.. not amazing... me wants states... hehe

u know, i'll just have to say the magic word for my mom: "ROSS"