Saturday, January 10, 2009



Hm you know I write all these posts on random topics but I just end up not publishing them in case the content might offend or be hurtful to someone... then I try to cut it down but then it becomes a "what's the point?" post. I guess that's why I just blog about such superficial things a lot -- it's fun for me and it's easy! I think I'm pretty careful to watch what I say about 90% of the time... but then I realize that those who don't care as much and actually state their opinions -- they sure are interesting and attract a wider range of people, but they are also prone to anti's. It's very rare to have it all.

So picture-less... hmm I'll start using my digi starting tomorrow!

Anyway, I bought the limited edition 2008 Juicy Couture snowflake earrings off Revolve Clothing online for 30% off the regular price... so it was $39USD which converted to $49.23CDN. When I received it, I thought it was pretty cute but I didn't love it and it sort of didn't suit me so I luckily sold it on Craigslist for $50. I'm meeting the girl tomorrow. I think she's getting a pretty good deal considering they're $65CDN @ Blue Ruby and sold out across the city!

Today was quite stressful b/c I realized 3 hours before my bank closes that I needed to pay my damage deposit (required to apply for dorm) for Korea Uni by TODAY! Like, they needed to receive the money today or else I don't get a dorm! Eeeeek so I wired the money (which took foreverrrrr... slow not-so-bright bankers omg) but they won't receive it by Wed (at least 2 business days)... I'm crossing my fingers that KU will still accept it even though it's late and I will get a dorm. I sent them an e-mail explaining... At this point, I'm not picky who I'm gonna dorm with... I just want to live in the dorm! Never again.. I've written down all my due dates!

Certain things always seem to happen when I least expect it... maybe I should just stop expecting... then life will always be full of surprises! How nice!

Slushy snow today... are you kidding? In spite of the weather, I've compiled my
Spring/Summer wardrobe lusts!
An everyday bag around this size (Andrea Brueckner!!)
Chloe Paraty
The waist belt-version of this Miu Miu patent leather cuff
More shorts! These shorts are soooo cute! I'm looking for some satin-y types... and of course I love them cuffed.
These Tory Burch Emmy sandals from last year I need to replace my dying old gold ones... her styles aren't very nice this season...
Picture from Ebay
I don't expect to fit in a lot of the bottoms in Korea (they cater towards curve-less bottoms and goodness knows I have some hip and butt!!) and shoes (largest normal size is a size 8... i'm half a size larger than that!) so I think I'm going to have to bring all I have and purchase here... we'll see. Don't think shirts/dresses will be a problem and hopefully skirts shouldn't be... 'cause they have cute skirts!

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