Sunday, December 28, 2008

4 More

I've compiled a mini wishlist for me to get myself (hopefully before I leave):

1. Flip Video MinoHD Camcorder [$229USD]

World's smallest and most compact high-def camcorder! 60 minutes of video, 4GB built-in memory, USB connected, super slim and sleek, features digital zoom, and the Flip-out USB arm plugs directly into your computer.
Tons of designs! Here's my favourites from the site:
The best part is that you can design your own by uploading your own photo! I love these things. Free shipping within the US too!
If you only like the classic black, you can buy it off Amazon for $209.

2. Hot Tools 1.5" Curling Iron
3. Deep Steep products (love!!)
4. Longchamp Le Pliage in Red/Raspberry/Yellow/Navy
So light, compact, can fit everything but the kitchen sink, and portable!

Trying really hard not to buy anymore clothes or makeup....... 1.5 more months... I can do it!

1 States trip... Gilly Hicks... Deep Steep... Nordstrom... that's all I need!


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