Monday, December 29, 2008

Lopsided Oreo

My mom bought 2 webcams today! They're Microsoft LifeCam VX-3000 and I say they work well!

My brother's Daiso owl named "Chris".
When my mom is frustrated with my brother, she takes it out on this "Chris". It gets squished like this:
It looks pretty loved.
Owl-phone Owl-lo?? ahhahaahaha! I'm so clever
Anyway, yesterday I went out for Kfood w/ part of the group + Nad and Jess @ Dae Bak Bon Ga on Robson and then we sang K in the back =) I like that K place -- they have a pretty good selection of songs, it's pretty inexpensive, and 95% of the subtitles are in proper English!

Today I got my hair trimmed 1 inch and dyed at Chura. Not much of a difference in cut except my bangs are a bit shorter. Kenji cut and dyed my hair -- he's cute! He introduced himself and then asked me what I wanted done -- I told him just a 1 inch trim and a dye to some sort of brown.. I asked him if he thinks I should go lighter or darker and he said lighter... and after that he never asked me any questions or confirmed anything related to my hair with me which was kinda "whoaa" but I trusted him... he dressed well. There was this very cute dog there!! Bobo. So tang wha too! Makes me want it. It just sat in its owner's lap while she was getting a bunch of treatments done to her hair. Anyway, they rinsed my hair and then he just started cutting it and was done quite quickly and then he blow dried it. Throughout the whole process, he handled my hair so gently at one point I thought it was because he was inexperienced and new.... lol.. 'cause in the past, the other hairdressers did things so quickly and expert-like in my opinion... like pulling my hair out at different angles to achieve different types of layers... and then Min pulled up the dye-tray and they both started dying my hair and I had no idea what shade they were dying it! In the past, they would show me the colour book and would suggest shades. I asked him and then he said a dark brown (but he said light brown before?) -- oh well. The dying process took hardly any time either because I was dying it darker... then they shampooed and conditioned and he took a loooong time blowing it out nicely and put a couple of products in my hair that smelled good. I don't think the dye gradiant is as obvious anymore since the top grew out, but you can tell that my ends are a bit darker than my roots. Did I mention he was cute? ;) Always smiling.

My dad gave both my mom and I Foot Duvets from Restoration Hardware for Christmas. I love them!!! They're so cozy and they keep my feet perfectly warm. They're on sale now for half price! $10USD per pair! Go pick them up - I'm going tomorrow before work. This is a cute set - a bear, a super soft throw, pillow cover, and 2 sets of foot duvets. There's different colours too like silver sage, dark gray, red (the one I have), chocolate, tan, caramel, and ivory.
I bought ankle boots today! Finallyyyy -- except they're from H&M and not real leather but at $60, they're not too expensive either for such a trendy thing. I've been looking for black booties with the gold zipper for so long and all those shoe stores (B2, Browns, Town Shoes, Holts, The Bay) don't carry decently nice ones for under a grand! So taadaaa
Haha This is just funny -- an improvized song by Justin Timberlake, Wayne Brady, and Brian McKnight.


Nat said...

i guess i didnt mind the K too! was pretty good selection.

ah those are foot duvets! i thot a duvet was a cover/blanket. hm. but those do look very comfy! i want hehe i have these LS boots that were SOOO comfy in the beginning - now they're all flat and too big T_T haha

Nat said...

LOL lopsided oreo!!!

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