Tuesday, November 25, 2008

For Me & Me Only

So Nad introduced me to this Xanga groupblog called Lovelyish and they cover some interesting(ish) topics... such as this one that pertains to me:

(not sure if that link only works for Xangans...)
Hah! I'd like to add a couple more:
8. We can sleep on our fronts no problem
9. Designer clothes are pretty much made for us.
I've never really had a problem with mine, though I admit, a couple times I thought it'd be nice to be actually able to fill out a bikini top.. Butchea, it's true, the more you have, the more attention is directed towards them and the more attn you'd get from the opposite sex. What would be on my mind, besides the unwanted attn, would be "are these guys coming up to you for the right reasons? Genuine?" What about personality, intelligence, and wit? We're just talking about unnatural ones, of course. If yours are natural, flaunt away! I'm just saying I'm OK with what I have. I would never go under the knife for a guy. It's all about being happy about who you are. Cheesy but so true =)

Another one:
Ok, to be honest, I've considered getting Uggs 4 times this season because I didn't want my feet to freeze. Thank goodness it hasn't snowed yet! BUT WHY AREN'T THERE ANY CUTE FUR-LINED BOOTS THAT DON'T MAKE YOUR FEET LOOK LIKE A CLUBBED FOOT? Gahh and Uggs aren't even cute at all -- they're just attainable (well, somewhat not really... apparently they keep getting sold out)... and yes, they're warm - I've stuck my foot in one before... but they're so darn ugliciously trendy + everywhere and to me, they scream fashionably lazy (though practical, I admit). Anyway, conclusion sits at me NOT hopping on that bandwagon - just like the past 5+ years.

My footwear needs a desperate make-over! I've thrown out my cute, black skimmers from Taiwan and am now down to 2 NON-WINTER APPROPRIATE ones: my patent bowed stacked kitten heel or my black, so-sad-I-bought-these Payless flats I'm still trying to break in (I wear 4 band-aids everytime). If only I could afford them... see, I think classic shoes like those Christian Louboutin pumps are such a good investment! Feet don't really grow (unless you become preggers or gain weight another way). Just think of it -- $900 (CDN+tax) for a pair of classic shoes that will last you more than 10 years (don't say it won't! It will. Vintage shoes are still wearable and those are how old?) SO if you do the math, $900/10 years = $90/year! I can hardly find cute pumps for less than $150 these days so IMO - it's worth it... (plus w/ Louboutins, you can now replace the red sole when it's worn out! Can you say longevity?!). Anyway, this doesn't change the fact that I'm still boot-less.

Anyway, update on ME: my mommy is in Ottawa until tomorrow night @ a conference, it's my dad's 51st birthday this Friday and I'm working but hopefully we'll get to go out for dinner on Sat, parents put out all the Christmas decor out last weekend and now my house is snowman heaven, I have ppl I want to see but I still have my proposal + 4 exams to complete so it will have to wait, I want to go shopping in the States but there's really nothing to buy right now in-store (everything is available online) except for my Longchamp shopper that I'm kicking myself for not getting before the economy got so bad, I want to catch Oprah's 100 favourite things episode tomorrow (it has a twist! THRIFTIEST HOLIDAY SECRETS!!!!), and I'm still anxiously awaiting my acceptance letter from Korea University (should be here mid-late December)!!


Nat said...

masking tape!!!!! nto bandaids . yo'll run ou of band aids in no time. = =''

and yes, desperate footwear makeover for sure :P
i dont see y u dont get some boots from piperlime? i would've if i didnt already have 2 pairs of boots, make that 3.

Anonymous said...

i used to think i was never going to own a pair of uggs because they are just absolutely everywhere and like you said, not exactly the cutest pair of boots. but then i saw these ugg cargo II and they were so warm and much slimmer fit than the regular uggs, and so i got one and fell in love with them :) there are also cargo I and cargo III, but i still think cargo II looks the best.