Saturday, November 29, 2008

So Dry

Oh what? I haven't blogged since Tuesday?

On Thursday, M and I babysat my cousins Emerald and Triton while my Aunt + Uncle went out for dinner! Em + us went out for dinner @ White Spot 'cause she wanted the ice cream (which looked really good -- it had actual strawberries in it like Haagen-daz), then we went home + decorated their Xmas tree. Triton came and helped us - we had a great time

My goodness -- there's an age restriction (19+) for Version C of DBSK's Mirotic because of the LYRICS. I wouldn't have even thought of the connotation of some of the English phrases if Soompiers didn't point them out... and even so, it's like poetry -- that's just their interpretation. Ridiculous.

In other ridiculous news, Korea's laws on adultery are STRICT! Ok So-Ri, a popular actress, admitted to having an affair with her pop-singer husband, Park Chul and is sentenced to 2 years in jail.
"Society still recognises that adultery damages social order," said the court.
"The punishment of a two-year jail term is not excessive when comparing it to responsibility."
I went to double check Canada's ciminal code and I found that it "does not identify adultery as an offence per se except within the context of endangering the morals of a child"...
The Korean Times says that in the past three years about 1,200 people have been indicted annually for adultery, but very few have been jailed.
I wonder what would happen if she wasn't a woman -- if it was the husband who was the adulterer... or if she wasn't a celebrity (gov't feels they need to set an example of how serious it is to commit this crime?), would the government make such a big deal out of this? Maybe she could have gotten away.

My brother and I treated the 'rents @ The Afghan Horsemen on Granville Island for my dad's birthday today. My dad used to work there back in high school so he knows the familyish. It was good! Afghan food. We had the Horsemen Sample Platter + Afghan tea. I love ethnic food like that -- would love to try more soon!

Time for another hair trim soon...


Nat said...

wat? afghan horseman? how come i have never heard of this place? where on the island?

that collage is SUPER cute, esp the pics of the kids on melanie's shoulders. awesome!

Natasha said...

The restaurant is next to Starbucks near the entrance ramp thingy! It's on the 2nd floor. They moved there like a year ago I think from W. Broadway.