Sunday, November 23, 2008

Kids With That

OMO I just watched subbed Star King (thanks Ginaya!!!)..... it was a talent show!

This clip is a MUST WATCH (embedding is disabled). I seriously died 1000 times watching this + I guarantee you will too ~

Some more entertaining clips:
14-year old powerhouse who sings a duet w/ Junsu (I've been singing along and listening to this duet on repeat).
2 of Japan's amazing #1 child dancers - very impressive.


Nat said...

great. you just got me hooked on "nobody" again. thanks :P

Nat said...

WG remind me of The Saturdays ...girl group totally prepackaged, great looks, each one is different but will blend together. their whole LOOK is very carefully DESIGNED and packaged...
not saying it's bad, im just thinking.. it must be a fun job creating LOOKS and the "packaging" for PEOPLE. actually kind of disturbing haha. but thats what logos are :P

girlicious would be another example, but i would say a bad example. their show makes me feel like it's not a cohesive group at all since most of the members fought so much. bsb and nsync prolly had the same deal, but i cant remember much of the material. pcd might fall into this category too but nicole shines quite a bit compared to the rest of the group. i dont even know a single name of the other girls.

why i can comment about pop groups like this............i duno. =___=

Natasha said...

haha me neither - unexpected but interesting!

I also think prepackaged groups get all the hype early on in their career, but not very many of them are there for the long run... which is why this is interesting -- WG is considered the top female group in Korea (or most popular, I think) which is great 'cause I really like them. SNSD isn't as popular now -- they are somewhat prepackaged, but their look is much more BSB than Girlicious, you know what I mean? So I think SNSD will last in the long run + ppl will tire of WG unfortch.