Tuesday, September 9, 2008

"I feel like you're an island of reality and an ocean of diarrhea." Jason Mraz

Boo to school... I just want to work full time.

Got my Jason Mraz CD in the mail today -- finallyyyy. It's good. I like the CD case + graphics too. Cute.

Wish I could attend New York Fashion Week!
Toni Maticevski's Spring 2009

Fashion Toast's Rumi is driving me insanely jealous these days! Erin Wasson? Alexander Wang? I'm green!

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Nat said...

working full time is much more money and much easier on the brain, but.. definitely not as fullfilling. could take a break and work full time, but... no need to extend your studies more =p

hey you know that black sweater bolero thing you have on your click6love site? have you sold it? i want to try it :) i'll pay you for it if i decide to buy!