Sunday, September 7, 2008

What Am I Going To Do With You?

BSB Concert last Thursday!! Aren't I lucky - this is my 2nd time seeing them in concert!! This time, Artemis, my long-time trusty and loyal BSB fanbuddy could come with.
Girlicious opened up for them -- I gotta give it to them -- they're really hot and sexy and they have great stamina and entertaining gymnastic/athletic qualities and they really portray that genre really well... but their songs are terrible and so were their outfits... their hair and makeup looked super trashy.... and they totally lip synced the whole time.
I never buy anything at concerts 'cause I (used to) always take so many pictures that those were my souvenirs, but this time I bought food lol... $5 popcorn and $5.50 haagendaz. A got a program. I wasn't very interested in the tees, but I thought the Girlicious one was nice -- the red and yellow, until I saw that they had their name on top.
After Girlicious was a half an hour intermission. A and I were pretty impatient -- meanwhile, we ate our icecream popsicles + popcorn while we talked and watched a bunch of desperados (guys) pick up random girls... admist large groups of girls screaming for BSB throughout. My ears!
Finally! A little boy with a mass of blonde curls on his head is ushered out onto stage and semi-shyly goes, into a microphone, "Are you guys ready for the BACKSTREET boys? I said... are you ready for the BACKSTREET boys???!". That totally got the crowd going even more.
A few minutes later, the guys came out in boxing robes and duelled it out in a boxing ring to Larger Than Life. They played a mix of their classics w/ their new songs. I knew the lyrics to every single one =D You could tell that a lot of the audience weren't familiar with their new songs with their response -- they didn't sing very loudly.
It felt a bit incomplete (pardon the pun) that there were only 4 of them on stage - Kevin isn't part of their group anymore. I actually stopped and thought for a brief sec, and realized wow.... Nick is 28 and all the others are over 30!! It didn't seem odd, though, when they broke out into their cheesy choreography that we all know and love.
I know I have my ticket stub somewhere, but I can't remember the exact year I attend their previous concert -- perhaps Grade 9 or 10? I went w/ my mom and I remember standing and singing so excitedly throughout the whole concert... and I took 2 or 3 rolls of film (none of them turned out very well).
Anyway, again, I didn't take very good pictures, or many pictures at all. I wanted to enjoy the concert in its entirety this time.
There were plenty of great parts -- like when AJ or Brian let the audience sing a section of one of their old songs. It sounded so heavenly! And when the boys gave front-row audience members smooches on their cheek as an example of what each and every one of their girl fans would get if they had time.
The boys look good -- both A and I can't get over at how well Howie has aged. AJ looks pretty much the same - his voice still has that great, huskiness we all love. Brian was always seems to be the most mellow out of all of them -- he looks exactly the same! And Nick -- my fav.! He looked really good! Of course, a lot thicker than his Black & Blue days, but he's also a lot more fit than he looked for a period there.
Screamscreamscream! I thought I'd lose my voice! Like Artemis said, I felt like I was 13 all over again. Armwaves back and forth, jumping up and down, dancing, and definitely singing along to every song! Twas a greatgreatgreat concert!
Our seats were alright -- basically ticketmaster sold the back half first and so Patricia bought tickets for us on pre-sale... and then a few weeks later, Ticketmaster decides to open the front! How unfair for us TRUE BSB FANS! So we got stuck with ones that were farther back than we had wanted. Patricia sold hers and bought closer tickets. But I'm sorta glad I'm farther away -- my eardrums are sensitive when it comes to concerts/clubs! They ring for days after -- I can still hear a trace of ringing and it's been 3 days!
Oh and each one of them sang a solo song. Howie did a Spanish song, AJ sang a... I don't know what category he's under haha... Brian sang a song from his Christian solo CD, and Nick sang something slow-ish. Oh Nick - I still looove your voice [swoon].
The concert went by toooo quickly - before I knew it, they were saying their thanks and had left the stage! But BSB-style, they came back for an encore with Shape Of My Heart. I remember in the last concert, BSB sang Drowning as their encore song.
After the concert, A and I went out and saw a bunch of girls running over to this metal fence, screaming for BSB. We cross the street, not thinking they'd come out, but sure enough, a huge trailer/bus comes out and lingers there for a few minutes. We're all chanting and screaming for them. Finally, the bus slowly turns the corner and AJ opens the tiny window in the back, smiles and waves -- and you can also see Brian's hand.
This concert was pretty different compared to the other one I went to - it was a lot less choreographed (I mean, the boys sat down and pretend-gambled for Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely and pretty much stayed still for a couple other songs). You could also tell that they spent a lot less money and time on decor -- they hardly bothered with the lights and props... maybe 'cause they have less funding as they aren't at their peak anymore, and they just seemed much more relaxed -- as if they knew they were already legends and loved. Maybe they felt they didn't need to prove how good they were anymore b/c everyone already knows. I mean, they only had one background and that was a bsb sign in lower-case bubble letters. If I were to be a critic (I know I'm not), though, I would say that the boys acted as if this was such a routine -- they didn't have that extra "perfectionist" energy that I saw last time. But anyway, it's BSB and that always = a great concert. I'm positive noone left GM place unhappy! Btw, I'm also surprised at how many ppl I knew who attended the concert too!

Busy weekend - was totally Posh-ed out 'cause I ate there twice for lunch w/ friends and worked there Fri, Sat, and Sunday. I can't believe I have school tomorrow! Sounds like an easy day hopefully. I served for the first time tonight, even though I have quite a few bussing shifts left. I loveeee it!!! So stress-free compared to hosting [sighofrelief]. Awesome generous drink-ordering customers too. I'm serving next Friday and Sunday and am hosting Sat (all at night). Bye bye weekend!

Week 2 of my 4th year at SFU. Shouldn't be too bad.


Nat said...


sounds like fun.. somehow i have "show me the meaning of being lonely" in my head now :( i saw steph cho's pics.. she was really close!!!!

wow i cant believe you went w/ your mom to a concert! yikes hehe.

glad your serving shift went well!

Nat said...

wait so was the little kid a son of one of the boys?

Natasha said...

Oh I haven't seen Steph's pics yet!

Yea it could have been Brian's son... but I'm not too sure!