Sunday, August 10, 2008

Haru Haru

Another exhausted hippo - the type of tired that has no patience and just says whatever without thinking - can't spit out sentences properly. Work is consuming my life but it's great I can get a lot of hours in before school starts. Yesterday's hosting for me went pretty well - no angry customers whew, but I just feel so bad for not being able to seat customers when they arrive! I wish I could tear down Shoppers and just expand the restaurant and then the problem would be solved. OH I got to eat after my shift! First time -- good stuff! Felt like a little Miss Piggy having a whole pot to myself with everything spread out beside me haha. There's so much variety and it's pretty darn healthy too (love white yam + pumpkin!).

OH at the restaurant, there were 2 ladies - one was Asian (I think either Japanese or Chinese), and one looked mixed, and with them were 3 of their children (what it seemed) = 2 African American and one really loud and outgoing Chinese/Japanese girl (like when she came in, her eyes opened really wide when she saw me coming towards them and waved her arm at me with a big smile and said "HI!! MY NAME IS ___ AND THIS IS __ AND ___ (introducing everyone)". And then she goes on to tell me her age (6) and what her favourite things to do were.) Anyway, the interesting part is how they all understood Japanese. The "parents" spoke to each other in fluent Japanese and spoke to their children in Japanese and their children replied in perfect English. The parents could speak English perfectly too but it was totally unexpected and very neat.

Walked downtown for a bit after.
Currently lusting
Diesel Fuel for Life Pour Femme [1.7oz. for $50]
I want to check the price at duty free.
Anna Sui Face Color Accent (Blush) [$27]
(Sheer, natural stuff)

Chanel Eyeshadow Single in black shimmer [$33]
(GREAT pigment quality!)
Chanel Blush [$40]
Haven't tried, but looks divine.

Shiseido Maquillage Neo Climax Lip
Shiseido Maquillage practically anything...

Had dinner at G-ma's today -- I was so tired I took a nap on the couch after (I never do that!).

Taken today 11/08/08
Jaejoong looks good. Both Junsu + Yoochun look like they're growing out their hair a bit.

I want the McDonalds Beijing Olympics Panda cup! Is it out yet? Someone pick it up for me if you happen to see it and I'll pay you back! I'm afraid it will sell out.

Ah gotta pack for trip (gotta say this is the first time I haven't packed in advance!).

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