Monday, August 11, 2008

Zza Zza

I'm watching China and Japan on TV right now competing for high-bar. Wow! China is such an amazingly strong team! I'm so proud!! Aw they're crying -- they totally deserved this Gold!

I'm in some sort of Harrison Hotspring hotel right now. It's nice -- there's 3 outdoor hot spring pools and 2 indoor ones. Our hotel is right across from the beach and the famous sand sculpture competition. We checked out the water sports too - gonna do something exhilarating tomorrow morning! Can't wait!
Had fish and chips while waiting for family... My Auntie Eliza + family + g-rents finally arrived and then we had afternoon tea in the lounge (I love tea! And cranberry loaf! And cookies!). Then we took a quick dip in the hot springs - Nice day -- not too hot, not too cool. Then we got changed and went to The Copper Room which is this ritzy dress-code restaurant (thank goodness I threw a dress into my bag last minute!) full of older people and live music - Jazz! The singer was really good and he sang all songs I knew -- Build Me Up Buttercup, some Neil Diamond, some Michael Buble, Wonderful World, etc. There's a lit-up dance floor for adults and a separate, mini dance floor for kids (which was cute). Dinner was great -- I had some pear, blue cheese, and pistachio salad + the lamb dish. haha Erin didn't like the smell of the cheese so she's like "Tasha, can you eat your salad quick?"
Afterwards, my g-pa and I checked out their games and exercise rooms. Zzzz time for bed almost.

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