Sunday, July 27, 2008


My beloved BCBG Mesh Chain Clutch (that I fell in love with in Bloomingdales in LA) is on sale at Bloomingdales for $73.71 including shipping to anywhere in the States! Doesn't ship to Canada though... gotta use my Uncle's PO Box in Blaine but SHOULD I GET IT? It's regular $128... and the sale ends tmr (28th).
Decisions.............. !!


Nat said...

if i were you....

nope, because i don't particularly like it. a bit on the trapezoid side for me.

things to really consider..
i know you really love it, but... for me, wenever i love something, it fades within 2 months. 73.71 should last you at least a year.
also, is it classic enough? will it last through the trends?

and lastly...
that 73.71 could be going towards your korea and travel fund. budget yourself?

N said...

I think it'll last through the trends! It has the vintage look to it ('cause so many vintage clutches are made out of the same material). .. and it'd match my dresses!

I knowww I loooove it but I don't want to bug my Uncle to use his PO box... and then I'd have to go down there when it's ready for pickup (which it could possibly be ready by Sunday!)

True.. I should save the money... it's like going out to eat 6-7 times...

I need some nice clutches.