Monday, July 28, 2008


My black skinnies are so faded. I need a new pair.

I confirmed for the umpteenth time that Old Navy quality sucks. I'm never buying anything from there in a long time.
No, the skinnies weren't from Old Navy. I bought 2 V-neck tees and they totally stretched out (and I wanted them to shrink!) Rats.

Projected schedule for next few days:
Today, 28th - Work 'til 11
29th - Work 'til 5:30
30th - Work 'til 5:30 + dinner?
31th - Hopefully work
Aug 1 - Dinner
Aug 2 - Work? BBQ?
Aug 3 - States?

We just entertained my mom's Taiwan OCAC buddies 'cause a family came over from London, Ontario. We all (including Vancouver Taiwan buddies = many of us) went hiking on the Baden Powell trail in Deep Cove (nice! I'd like to do that again soon), then walked around Deep Cove village, out for Chinese dinner, back to my house for dessert and games. This morning the family (sans everyone else) came over for breakfast.

Some rompers can be cute!

Hey this looks like me going for my interview last Sat.
Love the button-up!
Theory: Adele Top - $190
Rebecca Taylor Combo Dress $345Jones New York - Sleeveless Lace Back Dress $150
I love the back lace!

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Nat said...

wow it must be so busy with the reunion dealio! how awesome.

i love the first pic of the white button up and the black skirt.. i have a high skirt, and i think it's a tad long.. takes up like.. 50% of my overall length lol. but i still get compliments on it.

i reaaally love the front of the dress! the jones new york dress - .. but i really dont like the back :S:S:S