Saturday, July 26, 2008

Can You See The Way She Did Her Toenails Did?

I went in for my interview for Posh today. It's the first exclusive Japanese sukiyaki restaurant in North America and they have 3 locations. Anyway I'm doing a trial shift as hostess on Monday to see if I like it/I do well. Sooo I semi got the job =) I'm pretty excited 'cause it's my first time working in a restaurant and this one doesn't seem crummy. It's on West Broadway and Burrard.
It's an all-black dress code again... I guess I gotta get black pants eventually. I actually have quite a few black skirts/dresses so maybe I can use those... and darn.. I still need black shoes.

I wish someone on Soompi would do a survey on Asos... though I guess I could buy it on my own 'cause you pay shipping by weight.

Kookai Tie Front Swing Shirt [$90.95]
I like long droopy bows like these! Cuuuute!
It reminds me of this girl's outfit from Soompi's "What Did You Wear Today" thread:
ASOS Sleeveless Tie Shirt [$34.81]
Similar -- good for cardigans.
ASOS Pull-On Cagoule [$64.89]
I've always wanted a bright, pull-over windbreaker.
ASOS Bird Print Vintage Look Scarf [$21.63]
I love these silky, colourful scarves!I'm hoping they'll come out with new, cute coats soon.
This coat isn't my style, but I do love the bell sleeves (and the colours!)
I want to be prepared this winter. No freezing. I will get boots. I need more belts... and clutches...
Patrizia Pepe Leather Double Buckle Waisted Belt [$270.38]
lol This one reminds me of the belt Bern and I saw in Koreatown in LA. We misread the price tag and thought it was much cheaper than it was...
Anyway, this in black would be perfect for one of my coats!
It's been about a year since I last saw this belt but I still looove it.
Angel Jackson Jaguar Leather Belt [$274.70]Dogeared Make A Wish 925 Sterling Silver Heart Bracelet [$43.26]
I saw a kiosk that sold these in LA but didn't have time to stop to look. I really really like it. Why is it so pricey though...
Currently on my lust list:
  • Thick knit, long, cream cardi (like on Zipia, t.her)
  • Wilfred Interlock Pencil Skirt in Slate
  • AA Interlock Pencil Skirt in Navy
  • Ethnic scarves
  • Bow blouse
  • White shirt dress (I saw a real nice one at H&M (finally..) but there were 5 left in size 16...)
  • AA Sheer Rib Short Sleeve Tunique
  • Belts
  • AA braided belt in cream, gold, or heather gray
  • Big black-stoned vintage rings
  • AA Winter to-the-ankle leggings in Black
  • Black close-toed pumps (Mary Janes + regular)
  • *** Boots (1 black leather to-the-knee, 1 brown leather , 1 for the snow (warm one like with FUR but no Uggs))
  • Strappy statement shoe
  • Fifi Lapin Print
  • Fun Betsey Johnson Pumps
  • Korean coat (get in Korea)
  • Anna Corinna Mid City in Dark Brown/Cream
  • Juicy Couture bag from Fall, 2007 in Dark Brown
  • Longcamp Le Pliage Tote Bag in Red, Black, or Yellow (they have yellow now!!).
  • Chanel bag...
  • Jeans
  • Regular wool coat (in long and cropped -- dark gray, red, cream, Navy (Wilfred Military?) or black, or one like Angelababy's (left)).
  • Fitted 3/4 sleeve black top like this... should be easy to find but AA doesn't have it.
  • Blue trench/regular trench
Yeaaa... long list.
To me, summer is gone and I'm looking forward to Fall... when I think I'm going to be super busy w/ 4 courses and potentially 3 part-time jobs. Cha ching!

Btw, I finally found Maybelline's Full 'n Soft mascara in stock! I have 2 Apple mascaras but I'm hoping this one will be good for night-wear. OK I couldn't wait so I removed my makeup and applied it. It's a super eyelash separater and it really lengthens my eyelashes but I don't see any fullness. Maybe I need to spend longer applying. Will try tmr.

Oh yea - and about my room... I want bold print wallpaper!

And I REALLY want a toothless fish pedicure - just like on Ugly Betty. Callous away!


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