Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Nice Weather?


+ Happy Birthday Mommy!!

Yesterday was my mom's big 5-0!! I worked until 3:30PM, came home but I forgot my key so M and I went to T&T and browsed (for some reason I'm addicted to Salad Rolls) and finally my mom came home. M and I made her dinner: Turkey (dad made gravy) and I bought cranberry sauce (of course), Pesto Olive Ciabatta (from work), Weeknight Caramelized Onion + Shrimp Risotto (recipe from KraftCanada.ca), and Pear, Toasted Walnuts and Gorgonzola (cheese) salad with Romaine, Arugula, and Endive salad leaves. A mature salad I call it. Everything turned out well! It's like thanksgiving all over again - the turkey was not overdone (basted every 10 minutes). Now I'll have to find countless ways to use the rest of this HUGE turkey for the next week. I bought her coffee beans from JJBean (Guatemalan), too. My work gave me a big tiramisu cake + 2 of my mom's favourite mini desserts (chocolate decadence + white chocolate mousse).

+ Sunday was my first day closing with me being the "leader". So soon! The other girl who closed w/ me (she's a Natacha) has been there 3 -4 months but has never closed before. I've only watched someone close the registers and debit machine once and now I had to do it myself! Eeek. Well apparently I did everything right xept I didn't have to do cash for one till. Yesterday was the first time I opened (at 7:30AM). I thought I only had to put out the breads and cookies so I was taking my sweet time ('cause my coworkers said you can put everything out slowly in the morning) and then 20 min before opening, Jonah, my supervisor baker coworker tells me I have 20 minutes to put 20 trays of mini desserts out!!! IMPOSSIBLE 'cause on every tray there's about 40-50 desserts.... and I have to lift the glass on the front and shove them, pushing the older ones back. Mousses are hard to push back so it's a lot of lift and place unlike tarts. Of course I didn't finish so I had to go behind the counter and replace that way. Anyway, I ruined 6-7 desserts (good ones too) so that's why I got to take them home.

+ Fifi Lapin is wearing a v. cute outfit today! I'd buy this. She's finally using a handbag and she has a cute flower in her hair!

+ American Apparel has chain jewelry now. Necklaces for $48 and Bracelets for $25.
They have a few new items! Here's one. Not available in Canada yet.
Stripe Pocket Frock [$41USD] - One Size. Also available in navy + white and red + white. V. cute I want but we'll have to see how stripes are. Boatneck w/ pockets!
I'm addicted to Sea Blue. I see they have a new model! Nice.
Sheer Rib Short Sleeve Tunique [$38CDN] - One size.

Thinking of getting the Navy Interlock Skirt [$40CDN] (I bought in the first place but exchanged for black).
+ Recieved a couple packages in the mail yesterday. Will post about them another time.

+ Oh yes - and got the $100 Carbon Tax cheque. What are you going to spend it on?

+ I love this Elizabeth and James Tulip Dress [$265 on ShopBop] + Some of the top S. Korean singers including WonderGirls, SG Wannabe, and mightymouth came together to record a project album titled "Cry With Us" to help starving children in North Korea.
Cry With Us

+ I won a double-pass advanced screening movie tix for Wall-E for this Wednesday @ Tinseltown courtesy of Dose.ca. Yay I've wanted to see this movie since April! Going to pick up tickets later today. I'm off today and tomorrow.


Nat said...

sorry about ditching you today :( turns out i had a VERY slight fever, 37.4 but...enouh for me to fall asleep on the couch. gona aim to sleep at 10 tonight haha. so early..
ahh throat.. killing.. me..

ahh i see now why you reached for that shirt w/ the chain at le chateau. that's.. mighty pricey for jewelry from aa :S:S:S

i told dims about our err.. misadventure w/ the hairdye+serum.. haha he agreed, so i dont feel as bad now. he also said that happens a lot w/ aa stuff bcoz they dont have any tags on the clothes!

yay for sushi garden - i cant say i remember wat it's like there.. buuuuut it's SO popular.. there's a nother sushi place a few stores over and .. it's pretty empty compared to sushi garden.

cant believe ur mom wants to go to a swarovski convention! wow..

N said...

Hope you feel better!!!

haha no nad - I've always loooved chains. I think AA's chains are a bit gaudy.

I wanna goooo on Friday w/ her -I'm trying to get my coworker to cover for me!!