Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Addicted To Skirts

My Samanthgeesetha is growing up so fast!!

So my free days weren't exactly "me" days as I didn't spend much time at home having quiet time exercising or catching up on some reading sipping Chai. Instead on Tues, I met B downtown to the Vancouver Sun office to pick up my Wall-E tix, walked around downtown for a short while before B had to leave, I picked up a couple things from H-mart and saw some bboy dancing in front of the art gallery. I was much more entranced by what the girl in the oversized purple button up on the stairs was wearing. She looked great!
Then made my way by transit to M's house for a while (where I had the best greek salad ever, not like it's normally NOT good at her house but the tomatoes were absolutely amazing!). Then today I had a driving lesson in the morning where we practiced turning left in intersections about 15 times. I've controlled my heavy foot now (yay). Need some more practice turning smoothly. Met w/ Nad @ Metro and watched the mini performance of Cirque Du Soleil's Corteo. Very very cool! I can't wait to see my first actual in-tent performance (not anytime soon).

I bought quite a bit today -- wasn't planning to buy anything either! Always happens that way... I got a very thin and light navy peasant-style dress from Zara that has a purple paisley pattern (which is usually ew for me but this pattern is so ugliciously beautiful IMO) and it's floral so yea I loveee it but it's $60 so I'll have to see if I'll keep this splurge. I've got 30 days to decide; 2 for $20 Vees (V-neck tees) from Old Navy - one black one for work - they fit surprisingly well! My first Old Navy purchase in 4 years; 1 cheapy Club Monaco blue and white striped super baggy top (so comfy, couldn't resist); Garnier Nutrisse hair dye in medium golden brown + Garnier Daily Serum Cream.....; and Talula high-waisted navy blue shorts w/ gold buttons that was another splurge at $65 but I love them and think they're made for me (they fit perfectly). Nad had to go home 'cause she wasn't feeling well. Then I went to Tinseltown to meet my 5 year old cousin Erin 'cause I was gonna watch Wall-E w/ her. Beforehand, I wandered around the International Village, into this wonderful store called JBNY (which I think stands for Just Be Naturally Yourself) that's from China but they have 6 stores in Japan. Neat store! They have a lot of reasonably-priced clothes and it's organized by colour and every item on the sides are hung by individual wires from the ceiling. The lady said the clothes they sell in Japan (which are exactly the same ones in store) are sold 4.5x as much (whoooa). And when they get shipments, they get one of every piece in all 3 sizes. I was eying a few dresses (around $65 each) and a navy trench ($85). The quality isn't cheap-o China fabric either! It's actually quite good. I've got to go back on my next break. Anyway, the theatre was pacckedddd and we were probably in the last quarter and Erin wanted a seat in the back so we got the verrrry last seat + so she sat on my lap. The previews + the mini pre-movie Pixar clip about a hungry bunny + a magician was wonderfully hilarious! Once it comes out on YouTube I'll post it on here. Both kids and adults were laughing so much! Unfortunately, the film was too loud for Erin so we left about 45 minutes in. It was pretty cute so far. They're gonna rent it when it comes out and invite me over to finish it when it's not so loud haha. Then we had "coffee" (ie. juice) from Starbucks and chatted. It was very nice.

I've finally plugged my cell into my lappy so here's some pictures.
These are some of the goods from my bakery - not very nice shots though. It's actually pretty overwhelming and impressive - the amount of goods we have.
The dessert section... or just the brown stuff haha - the colourful tarts and mousses etc. are closer to the till and the cakes and other colourful tarts are on the left.
Some of the cookies that really looks like another brown sort.
Half of the bread. We slice too!
And this is from Playland's Family Night. B and Hewitt tried rock climbing but Hewitt didn't make it all the way. This is on his way down - everybody thought it was 'cause the crow came by so suddenly and did a weird dance that distracted him before it landed on that wire but apparently he didn't notice the bird at all.
Um some other things happened by I can't recall right now. My mom's going to some bead convention in the States on Friday and I really want to go but I have work so I'm desperately trying to get a favour from one of my coworkers... pleasepleaseplease!

I need a trip. I wanna go somewhere that's hustlin' and bustlin'. I have a huge craving to go to:

HK again [$1,845CDN incl. tax and fees @ Travelocity for flight and hotel for 5 nights in August!] - darn - I need more relatives there.
New York to watch a musical and shop [$1,346CDN incl. tax and fees @ Travelocity for flight and hotel for 5 nights in August!!]
or Japan [Only $2000 incl. tax and fees @ Travelocity for flight + 13 nights in Tokyo!!!!]

Oh forget THOSE places! I just saw one Loveboater's pictures from her recent trip to Egypt! It looked breath-takingly amazing!! I wanna go there!!!!!!!

I want to eat instant noodles with salmon sashimi.

I love summer!! 40 degrees soon apparently!
Tralallalalaaaaaa to bed I go.

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