Thursday, May 1, 2008

Can't Get Enough

After I went for a run, I made Green Pepper and Tomato Salad just 'cause I saw a few lying around.
Added a tiny orange pepper too. It smelled really good and tasted alright. I think if I put more fresh herbs in it instead of flat-leaf parsley, it'd be quite a bit better. Then I tried to make this not-so-good okra dish... yea wasn't very good. There aren't very many recipes for okra out there which is sad 'cause it's such a good-for-you veggie. The best is just to boil it in some sort of hot pot thing.

What else - went to eye appt at 3... T&T - bought a Tuna Onigiri (below) for $1.50! Reminded me of Taiwan mmm - it was pretty good xept I still don't know how to open it properly! I always break the seaweed. Someone has to show me.
I felt like I ate so much today.. salad, yogurt, orange, onigiri, okra, 1/4 of yam, rest of veggie soup, appies + chocolate, yogurt...
My goodness it does look like a lot doesn't it. At least I burned "220 cal" on the treadmill, did a full workout, and ate mainly veggies in the morning/afternoon.

Nad and I went to the Grand Opening Mavi store in Gastown! We drank wine, ate Daniel's chocolate (yumm), ate appies, tried on Mavi jeans and shorts, and walked out of the store w/ goodies like mascara, eyebrow wax, OPI nail polish, chocolate, LOULOUmagazines, and lip gloss, and Mariah's new fragrance. Then we walked down Robson and I got my beloved yogurt from Blueberry. I love these events... sign up for the newsletters from StyleSpy or SweetSpot if you want to know where and when they're taking place in your area!

Darn the nail on my pinky toe is demented. So much for a pedicure soon.

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Nat said...

hey.. just be careful about that yogurt interview k? if anything's fishy.... leave!!!!!!