Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Chocolate Cupcake With Pink Frosting

I made my first Veggie soup this morning! It was fun just listening to music and improvising where I saw fit. I did generally follow a recipe though -- searched for about 20 min for one 'cause I realized I didn't have a lot of herbs/ingredients that seemed necessary for some recipes and my blender is being fixed right now so I couldn't make the soup I was planning to make.
Tuscan Vegetable Soup
It's one hearty, healthy, low-fat soup. I'm quite happy how it turned out! In it are red beans, zucchini, celery, sundried tomatoes, tomato (which I used instead of canned diced tomatoes to cut down on sodium), onion, carrots, spinach, garlic, salt, and pepper... and 2 cans of chicken broth as a base.

I looove cooking (esp. when it's not my kitchen day)!!

There's a new DBSK + SNSD commercial for the new Anycall Haptic. It looks and is(?) basically the iphone... I think... pretty nice... comes in 3 diff colours (white, pink, black), but I didn't really like the CFs... way too cheesy and I didn't really get what the message was... can you tell me? Here's the 15 second version and here's the 36 second. They're a bit different.

M + I picked up a case of 72 SunKist oranges from my Uncle's wholesale, Fresh Direct. I made quite a few cups of orange juice! I really like making orange juice from our old Braun Citromatic. I should open an OJ stand. Then we went to Metro to find some finishing accessories for her performance. Successful as always.

What else - B dyed my hair again using Garnier 100% box dye (which smells really good!!! Like raspberries! The conditioner also smells great and gives my hair a bit of shine). Now I know it's my hair's problem why the colour doesn't show up - not the dye's problem.. my hair, well the over-processed part, doesn't like being dyed over so it stays relatively black while the roots (virgin hair) picks up the colour quite well. Looks quite funny actually haha oh well. My hair does have a brown tinge instead of the harsh black from before now.. if you see it in the sun.

I just came back from Jason's going-away get-together at The Charlatan on Commercial. He's going to be in Germany for the whole summer for coop! Saw some ppl I haven't seen in AGES which was nice =)
I don't know why but I was very tired and my eyes kept on wanting to close but I fought to keep them open. Weird =( I took my contacts out so now they're fine but I'm exhausted so time for bed.


Nat said...

i dont get the commercials eitherrrr... iphone is coming to canada! cooool.

yum soup is always good, especially during winter! soup is relatively easy, no? plop plop plop and simmer for a long time?

N said...

Yep! Soup is extremely easy and yummy!
lol that's right !
Chop and plop.
This one only took 10 min to cook though. The preparation takes the longest.