Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Master Cleanse - Final Day

I made 2.5 cups of lemonade in the morning and now I'm completely out of maple syrup! Guess what that means? I'm DONE!

Most people say the beginning of this detox is the hardest, but for me, the first few days were a breeze. The "end" wasn't so easy... so much temptation because you sort of realize you're over halfway through and I've already patted my back. It was nice having so many family and friends supporting me in both of my decisions (to do the detox and to finish early). I definitely don't regret doing it! Even though it really REALLY tested my resistance to food, it taught me about how strong my will power can be at times. Would I do it again? You know what, I think I will. Maybe in 2-3 years unless I find another one that is just as good (xept I get to eat like the veggie/fish detox my aunt used)... and hopefully I'll forget how terrible the salt water flush is. As for my final physical results, hmm I don't know I think I look pretty much the same xept I realize I don't have as much back/tummy chub as before -- but I still need to tone that up. The scale says I lost 7 pounds but it's pretty much inevitable (unless I really exercise like crazy) that I'm going to gain half of that back sooner or later.

Now, it's time to wake my digestive system up so I'm not completely done yet. I'll be drinking freshly squeezed and diluted orange juice tonight and I'm making vegetable soup for tomorrow!!

B asked me what I'm going to do differently now that I've done this.
I thought about it a bit more and here's my list:
- Eat more fruit and veggies - specifically fresh, raw veggies much much more
- Eat in moderation (that should be doable for the first few weeks)
- Eat a lot less canned foods and as much organic and natural foods as possible
- More fish than meat!
- Limit pork ('cause they contain bad worms that just stay in your stomach and you can't get rid of then unless you detox)
- Limit salt and sodium
- Keep drinking my liquids
- Tea!
- Hardest one: don't go out to eat as much -- try to make as much as you can at home (esp. this summer!)

OK I just came back from the Holt Renfrew's A Hot Date Beauty Event w/ M! We unfortch weren't the first 50 in line so we didn't get the free Pro-Linea Straightener, but that's ok 'cause we both have straighteners anyway and I hardly use mine anymore. Only the cosmetics department was open so we spent the time wandering around, eating (well, I actually ate) gourmet appetizers (mmmm), and testing products/shades (where I fell in love w/ this Shu Uemura blush I'm going to splurge on in a couple days). I'd say there were almost 200 people there. Everyone got 3 free alcoholic drinks (I was good though - didn't have any alcohol -- only had limonada)... and there was a gummy candy Sweetspot station where you grab as many gummies as you want. I got a huge handful for my mom (using spoons and tongs of course). There was also a gelato station for Marc Jacob's Limited Edition Splash line I mentioned in a post pretty recently -- grapefruit/pear/basil. You're supposed to smell the scent and then go up to the station and get your coordinating flavour. I liked the grapefruit scent the best out of them all, but the pear tasted the best.

I exchanged my American Apparel Interlock Pencil Skirt for a black version, and exchanged my Cucumber Toner from Kiehl's for a Heat-protective Silk Straightening Cream which seems pretty good! There was a cute blue and white bandeau swimsuit top @ Banana Republic for $72 buttt I look as flat as a board... seriously lol. How sad.

Anyway - I was "bad" and ate dairy and meat today. I did have 2 glasses of fresh squeezed orange juice this morning (which, when not diluted, is great! I should make it more often!). I realize I need a couple more herbs for gazpacho and we don't have the vegetable stock for the veggie soup... HMM that's a problem.

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