Sunday, February 10, 2008

Style Inspired

Style Diary name: Evanescent
Location: Australia
I want to say that she's Asian b/c she goes out for Dim Sum lol but everyone knows that's not a valid deduction.
I think her motto is "you can never have too many black dresses" lol - she has a LOT! I'm in awe by her dresses in general! She finds such nice ones! These are the dresses I want to fill my Spring/Summer wardrobe with!
I think she has the perfect figure - some good inspiration there!
Too bad the picture quality isn't so nice -- I think she's using her cellphone.

I'm surprised this one isn't vintage! I'm in love with it - it's so pretty!
This one is v. cute. It's a bit puffy at the bottom 'cause she folded some extra organza fabric underneath that stuck out from the bottom. It looks so much better this way. Love the colour + detail.
This ons is also v. pretty! She wants to hem it and take out the frill at the bottom. I totally agree - J'adore!!!
This one is perfect for an outdoor spring/summer wedding!
The bag doesn't go, but the dress is perfect as a casual wear-everyday dress.
I'd never wear this dress, but it's pretty unique and pretty. Little Bo Peep.
The bag is a bit too big even for me (the one who loves over-sized bags). I like the sleeves and high-waist shorts.
This outfit is perfect for any day in the Spring/Summer. I gotta find those vertical-striped pin tailored shorts!
Ah she did the button-up shirt tucked into pants again! Look v. good on her.
I really don't like the skirt, but the blouse is nice!!
Here are a few examples of her black-dress collection:
Ah this one is perfect to throw on! Must get..
Another smock dress!
This dress seems pretty simple but she dressed it up w/ a lot of accessories.
I now realize this isn't a dress - it's a top + shorts. Comfy and cute though.

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