Sunday, February 10, 2008

... ga suki desu.

What a full day today (I mean, yesterday). I haven't had one of those in so long.

After 6.5 hours of sleep, I wake up, thinking I'd have to go to D's to do some running like we planned but it was raining so I decided to run on my treadmill instead and head to her house later... but she wanted me to come at 11 instead of my projected 12-12:30. It was 9:40AM and I had to get there at 11?! That only leaves me enough time to shower! Sooo I didn't get to run unfortch. Anyway - got there eventually lol and ate Salad Rolls (darn.. she never fails to get me to come over whenever she has those ingredients!! Except for one time in December when it was snowing really hard..) and then headed down to Central library to study. I got a decent amount done! When we got kicked out (it closed), we skytrained to Renfrew and M picked me up (yay thx!) and we picked B up and went for K-food in our other fav. K-food hotspot in North Van (yummmm). After B and I felt like some Häagen-Dazs so we trotted across the street to London Drugs but they were plum out. Boo. I guess it was better for us 'cause D called and we went out for BBT and met her bf - C came later on. Even though it was only 12, even though I was glad I got to catch up a bit w/ friends, and even though I was (supposed to be) on a sugar high from the super sweet BBT, I was totally exhausted! Don't even know why I'm bothering to write this blog when I should be sleeping... but oh well.

Times I've had BBT this week: 3
1 x Japanese Green Tea Ice Cream with both pearls + coconut jelly (even though I asked only for jelly) from the small store across from John Oliver
1 x Red Bean Milky Dessert Slush (Pearl Drops)
1 x Strawberry Lychee Slush (Pearl Drops... way too sweet)
I am totally seeing the effects of the multiple BBTs in my face right now and I'm sure my chair is feeling the repercussions...

Times I've eaten out/had take-out quality food: 4
Mostly good grub though!

Times I've had bad hair days in this past week: 6.5 (the .5 missing is b/c I showered halfway through the day and I liked my hair until I had to go to bed) BOO. What's wrong with my hair? It's being v. unmanageable and unruly and my bangs are throwing temper tantrums.

Here are a few pictures I took from last week:
Waiting for the bus. This was the day I really didn't want to go to Japanese b/c it was snowing so hard where I lived... but I went anyway and missed my quiz. My sensei told me last class that he's going to omit that quiz! So nice!!
Thursday's Sushi night (new tradition?). Although we shared everything, this is what I chose: the Awesome Roll haha don't ask me what's in/on it, but it was decently awesome.
Bern's plate was pretty too - she ordered the Rainbow Roll! Each piece has a different type of shashimi on top!
Gigi and Hershey - D's dogs, waiting for me to leave. Mr. Hamster (the un-named Teddy Bear Hammy living in her garage) couldn't make it to the photoshoot.
Side note: I always seem to wear the wrong pants when I go over to D's house... In the summer, it's usually hot so I wear shorts. In the winter, she usually calls me over when it's raining or snowing so I wear my black (thin!) yoga pants.. and when I come in, these 2 dogs pounce on me like no tomorrow and their claws!! Scratchscratchscratch.

In other news:
Anyone interested in the IT colours for FALL 2008, click here!

Oh wow - Nordstrom had an UGG Australia Trunk Show online and "Nordstrom plainly points out on their site that sizes and colors are limited and they will only sell a maximum of four pair to each household."

Is Rhianna (right) doing some new "pose" trend I've never seen until a couple weeks ago (on New York Fashion Week's pics)?! It's so unflattering no matter HOW thin you are... and doesn't do anything for her thighs. Miley Cyrus on the left... wow her feet look almost deformed! How is that comfortable...
Oh wow I found another Style Diary winner in my eyes! I will post about her tomorrow!
I also ordered something online in somewhat the spur of the moment last night!

Stay tuned,

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