Monday, February 11, 2008

If I Could Pick 10 Things...

From Abercrombie right now:

lol I remember I wanted to go into Abercrombie when I was younger (like 12 or 13) and my mom (I don't know if she was trying not to like it) said that I wouldn't like it.

1. Lindsey White [$89.50]
I've always wanted a fitted white button up.
2. Emma Low Rise Destroyed Boot [$110]
These were great when I tried them on. The fit like skinnies-straights on me!
!!!!! They have spring scarves!!!!!!!!!!
These look GREAT! I think if I could just get 1 thing, I'd get one of these! They look so soft + almost buttery. You can never have enough pashmina-type thingies like these.
3. Vintage Solid Scarf [$49.50]
I want them all! I don't have navy nor cream... yet hehehe
Actually, AbercrombieKids has these scarves too and they're only $30CDN which means around $24.50 in store! It's just that their colours are a solid, lighter navy and a white instead of a cream. Their striped scarves look more similar though.
This one is Navy

Broad striped
Baby striped

4. Jackie [$69.50] omg.. that's way too expensive even for me. Does look soft though. It comes in a lot of colour combos.
5. Adriana [$49.50] Aw this is pretty and v. feminine. The pattern looks a bit like a dress I have. I'd wear it to a casual garden party.
6. Evette [$79.50]
I don't really like A&F hoodies b/c of the huge logo on the front, but I saw this Korean girl wear it and it looked really good with what she was wearing. I want a white one but I don't like the letters on the white version.
I wish they'd come out w/ a broad stripe zip up version like they had last year. Those were super cute.7. Victoria Navy [$59.50]
OK - A&F sweat material must be one of the most comfy materials in the world. I don't really really like these sweats, but they're the nicest ones out of the bunch. It'd be nice to lounge around in.
Last year, a pair of twill shorts would be on this list 'cause it's super comfy and all that, but it stretches out (I got one last year). I think last year's twill shorts look better than this year's 'cause of the metal button. This year's looks plastic.
8. 41 Perfume: 1 ounce [$44.50]
I want the perfume that was sprayed onto my A&F coat when I got it!! That's the best perfume I smelled out of all the A&F ones. I don't know which one it is and I haven't smelled it ever since. Ppl claim that it's "Classic", but when I smelled it in store, I didn't like it. I also smelled "8" and didn't like it much. There's another one I never noticed before called "41".. so here it is. Maybe it is the right one! If it's the same one as my coat, I'd def. get it. Nice bottle, but I think I like the Classic bottle a bit more 'cause the writing is on the bottom of the glass bottle.
9. Erin Skinny Classic [$108]
I'm hoping the wash looks a bit less weird than it does in this picture.
10. Leather Flip Flops Knotted Dark Brown [$49.50]
I've always wanted genuine leather flip flops.
All prices in Canadian... but are really cheaper if you buy in the states.
I like how Abercrombie only has a handful of styles to choose from in each category. As much as I love Forever21, I sometimes feel overwhelmed at all the new things they come out with!

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