Monday, February 11, 2008

I Need Some New PJs

This will be my Valentine's post even though I'm 3 days early! haha
I'm only posting this during Valentine's 'cause I get a bunch of e-mails advertising these night sets that I think are quite pretty. SILK + SKIN = COMFY
I'm the pajama queen. I actually don't have many PJ sets, but I have a lot of comfy lounge clothes (like oversized tees). Anyway, most of these are silk/satin so they're so light and comfy! J'adore. Cute too! Perfect for the Spring/Summer.

ASOS - Sista Shei Silk Teddy [$45.62USD]
This colour combo is ugly but the idea is cute. I'd choose an ivory base with light gold lace.SHOPBOP
Hanky Panky Jersey Camisole [$125]
Eberjey Calista Short Tiered Lace Babydoll Chemise [$75]
Vera Wang Collection Short Gown [$78.00] Such a pretty babydoll.
Betsey Johnson Sheer Babydoll [$68.00] V. pretty! But I wish it wasn't sheer.
Victoria's Secret Sista Shei Halter Chemise I'm disappointed by the selection out there right now... or from the sites I quickly checked. I'm sure there are more that are 10 times nicer than these.

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