Saturday, February 16, 2008

"Learning" and "Shopping" In The Same Sentence

Reading fast in Japanese takes a lot of practice - especially in Katakana (used for foreign loan words) for the following. It's supposed to sound like English.


Did you understand that?
It's hard 'cause they don't put spaces in between words.

How about if I put the spaces for you?
kurinkuru jagaado shatsu wanpeesu
lol even if you say that quickly in English, it's hard isn't it?

Did you read "krinkle jacket shirt one piece"??
I guess it would sort of help if you could see the picture:
How about this one?

I think this one is a bit easier.
With spaces: metarikku dotto shiruku shifon wanpeesu

It's metallic dot silk chiffon one piece.

Anyway, I'm practicing Japanese while online shopping so woohoo.
I got the following from - fun site with lots to look at. They've got some cute things but I'm studying so I don't have time to share har.

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