Friday, February 1, 2008

Hot Chip - Shake A Fist

Urban Outfitters
If you ever get a chance, go to their site. (nevermind they changed their site now)
The mini clip they have on their main page is fantastic. It really captivates me.
I think the girl has SUCH nice facial features. Her whole face looks perfectly put together haha and she wears clothes really well too. So prettyyyy
Here's the clip here except it's low quality and you can't see all the details.
The song is
Hot Chip - Shake A Fist
Click it if it doesn't work for you.
haha yea.. I really like it for some reason.

Nothing good that I haven't posted before from UO unfortch...
well maybe these
Jinx Stone Sandals [$38] are alright.


Nat said...

haha you post something from UO just coz you havent for a while... just for sake of posting it :P
yeah that girl is really pretty! except that clip had way too many c uts, i was getting dizzy!

i tried on the AA shorts.. mm i didnt find them as fantastic as you did, so you can count me out. they were okay, but i think they would ride up wen i walk or run. and i have a lot of sport shorts (i prefer the loose ones for exercising anyway) i did try on a bunch of dresses and other things, i really liked this two toned jersey dress.. fitted. pretty tight but i thought it was nice. maybe in the future~

N said...

Ohh I think i know which one you're talking about. It's similar to the one you got from YesStyle, right? Xept it's like white/red on the top and tight and a black pencil skirt idea on the bottom. Artemis really wants that one too. V. cute!!

And noooooooooooo [looks around]
I posted something from UO 'cause I really liked that clip!! hee