Friday, February 1, 2008


Super Mario cupcakes!
After looking at the cupcakes Martha made a long time ago, I really feel like making chocolate cupcakes with a huge smothering of light pink (sweet buttercream) frosting right now!!

Mmm maybe I'll just look online @ for my visual fix.
Nevermind, they changed all their cupcakes to cartoons boo.
Disappointing.. can't find any yummy pics.

I resort to wedding cupcake pictures but they too don't totally meet my cupcake standards.
I have once (OK... maybe at least a dozen times) thought that I'd really suit being a wedding planner. Anyway, sort of off topic. I think these mini cakes are fantastic! Like this site said, usually wedding cakes are just for photo-ops and once they're cut up and distributed, they're hardly touched. Yet, with these mini cakes, people tend to eat the whole thing! Can't really cut them up though.
Anyway, don't get me started on wedding cakes/planning... I like/have so many ideas could probably write a book about it. I was even flipping through Martha Stewart's Wedding Cakes book when I was at Chapters... so many nice cakes out there...
This post seems incomplete. I didn't put enough pictures, that's why. Unhappy.

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