Thursday, January 31, 2008

AA Is Taking Over The World... I Mean, My World

Whoa the colours on my blog look so ugly on this computer! At home, the pink is a soft rose pink but on here, it's a peach!! And the grays are dull and icky... Does it look bad to you? HM what to do?

I checked out AA's gallery yesterday. They've got some interesting pics! I'm amazed and impressed with the kind of confidence the models exuberated in these shoots. Because of that, they all look beautiful.

The very very VERY tight Jersey Double U-neck Dress is not for the meek.
Long U-neck beater. Nice colour on her.
This girl is a dancer. She's gorgeous + sososo flexible!
I've never noticed this dress before! I like it a lot!!!
AA kids!
Go means go... go get some AA clothes lol
haha this picture made me laugh
One of the "omg that totally doesn't go" pictures but as long as she feels confident I guess...
The yellow hoodie is looking very cute. The colour is Sunshine and it's for $45 - take a look!.
As is this long, unisex cardigan. Wish it was a bit longer though... and the buttons look cheap. Big armpits might be a problem.
Bathing suit or body suit?
Comfy lounge outift
Oh wow I love this dress/jumper suit thing! I love that colour too! Can't find it on their website
Actually, I think it might be this Pique Cross-Front Jumper [$35] I'd only wear that around the house... well we'll see.
Those holey basketball tanks look like the high school volleyball/basketball team jerseys....
A neat way to wear one of those $15 jersey scarves! You can wear it as a dress and sew in some sort of white jersey material underneath. I actually like the petal rose colour too. Very pretty. haha the back of her sort of looks like a windup toy.
Nylon Tricot Figure Skater Dress [$55] A weird looking dress but cute on this girl.
This oversized red and white striped cardi looks great on this girl w/ her dark hair.
The shorts I'm gonna get multiple of =D so cute
This pic makes me want to get red!
Bright tights look fun if there are many girls wearing it at once. I saw this girl w/ dark dark dark solid + saturated teal tights and they looked really nice!
On my American Apparel Wishlist:

The CUTEST AA model! Unisex Sheer Jersey Loose Crew Summer T-Shirt in Silver [$21]
I like how the neck doesn't look as suffocating as other necks! I also like the folded short sleeve hem. I think this is the tee I saw on an AA employee on boxing day that I wanted. Perfecttt summer tee!
Ok I swear this is the same girl as the one above... just w/ longer hair. Probably an older picture, but she looks just as cute/pretty. I saw the AA employee wearing this Unisex Tri-Blend Short Sleeve Deep V-Neck [$21] yesterday. I loved how loose it was on her (but the SA was very thin) haha shows how much ppl can be influenced by what employees wear.

Unisex Sheer Jersey Short Sleeve Deep V-Neck [$21]
I actually really like this colour! This is the same as the tri-blend above. Yep I like the V-neck. Makes the tee look more girly. Don't be alarmed - the V isn't actually that low. It should be like the gray one. This AA model just chose to pull it down or wear a larger size.
I don't know what's w/ me and tees now... T-shirts are my least favourite top to wear.
There are also 3 packs of these tees w/ different colour combos [$51] but I want to choose my own. I'd pick heather gray, white, and that sea blue.

Unisex Solid Rib Oversized Pocket Cardigan [$42]
V. cute. I already have a long cardigan (which tooootally shrunk in the wash so it's not long at all) in this colour...
I actually like the Navy just as much. Might be too wide... but yesterday Artemis showed me a pic of Miranda Kerr (Victoria's Secret Model) in a long cardi dress and it looked v. nice.
There's another Solid Rib Oversized Pocket Cardigan for $42 too with more fitted sleeves but the material looks a bit cheaper.

After seeing the girl wearing this dress up in the gallery section, I really really really like it!! Baby Rib Mini Shirt Dress [$30] I even like this ice powder blue one on the model but it's probably a bit darker and more baby blue in store. HMM which colour... Navy... do I even have a navy dress yet?! I think not! Naw I'm gonna do a summer colour. Raspberry! I think it'll need a belt for it. .. aw but I can wear this in the winter too w/ a turtle neck underneath.. HMMM Also seems like you'd definitely have to try it on w/ all them mixed reviews!
Anyway, I bought this dress (below) on boxing day but I still haven't worn it out or taken the tags off. I really like it 'cause I think it's flattering and I want to keep it, but it's hard to layer and you sort of just have to wear it sleeveless... and it's only good for the winter IMO but who's crazy enough to wear sleeveless in the Winter?! I do have a boat neck I can wear w/ it but I don't like the shoulder skin showing... and he colour is too dark for the spring/summer. I need some sort of Korean basic long sleeve to go with it. It's too bad... I might just exchange it for one of the items above.
From making this post, I want to go back to AA (even though I was just there yesterday) and try on a bunch of other stuff I've never given the time of day! Is there any AA store closeby???
I'm at the library... waiting for Diana to finish studying..... we're gonna eat sushi later. Yay.

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Nat said...

whoa lots of aa stuff. im gona go tm.. check some things out.. i hate winter tho, worst time to try clothes on coz you're wearing 50 milllion layers AND boots so.. uncomfortable to take off soggy cltohes. ick.