Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Thing You Carry Stuff In

Hand bags!! I'm not sure if they're as loved as shoes, but to me, they're almost on the same level. They both complete an outfit. The only difference is that you don't always need a bag whereas you always need to wear shoes. Yea. I believe they're so popular and loved because it doesn't matter if you gain/lose weight - they will always fit (well, unless your feet get fat).

New trend to make designer bags more athletic/casual-friendly: add a canvas strap.
I think it's a great idea. I have a couple bags I can change the straps for.. but it doesn't work for all bags.
Stella McCartney Appaloosa Shoulder Bag [$1,095.00]
This one has a canvas strap so it can be worn more casually.
Marc Jacobs Small Cecelia Tote [$1,275.00] on Net-A-Porter
Who else thinks this looks a bit off? That canvas strap is huge and looks horrible.
Marc Jacobs Cecelia Quilted Tote [$1,375.00] on Net-A-Porter
Marc Jacobs Stam bag is alright... I liked it before Aldo decided to make a cheap looking fake-but-similar-and-a-bit-exaggerated version. I like this one 'cause it still has the quiltedness and it's a bit different.
Alexander McQueen's Patent Leather Hobo Bag [$1,995.00]
I like how Net-A-Porter shows us how the bag looks on a person.. or mannequin. It's easier to see how big it is.
Dolce & Gabbana Miss Romantic Bowler [$1,995.00]
Chloe Dark Brown Calf Small Paddington Bag [$1,144.00] on Bluefly
Dark brown or that ivory/beige one that lady had when I posted a while ago. So cute...
Chloe Paddington Capsule Dome Bag [$1,935.00]
Chloe Paddington Dome White [$2,115.00] @ Bergdorf Goodman
Oooooo prettyyyyyyyyy
Gucci Horsebit Nail Medium Boston [$1,696.00] @ Bergdorf Goodman
The all-leather version is $100 more.
This one reminds me of the DKNY bag Diana's sister has... that would be a perfect addition to my sad collection. The colours are the same as this Gucci one but I like the DKNY one much more.
Gucci Large Scarf Tote Bag [I'm not sure how much canvas is. All leather is $1,995.00]
The epitome of instant chic. I love scarves with gold chains on it.
Gucci Soft Shopper [$1,690.00] @ Bergdorf Goodman
I have no idea why it's a Gucci bag when it looks like the keychain says Dior... lol
Very versatile bag though! And it's not flashy at all.
Gucci Hysteria Medium Top Handle [$1,790.00] @ Bergdorf Goodman
This is a massive block of patent. A bit too much but I like the shape.
Marc Jacobs Quilted Classic Tote [$1,495.00]
I love the vintage feel this emits.
Juicy Couture Leather Bowling Bag [$525.00]
YSL Bag Downtown Tote [$1,495.00] from Ideeli... a giveaway =(
Some Chanel bags I have no idea how much they are.

The one I'm saving up for...Patent bags are still in style:
The one above looks like this bag but w/ more detail!
From Yesstyle almost a year ago xept they weren't selling this bag so I don't know how much it is. Nice though.
Common colour theme? haha yea... Black and white/cream/tan. I'm a boring Betsey when it comes to colours for expensive bags like these. I don't want them to go out of style and I want to use it a lot.


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