Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Banc is a Korean clothing brand (made in England) that sells mainly t-shirts, sweatshirts, and caps for both guys and girls.

It's basically the Korean (and cheaper) version of Bape... and like Bape, there are a lot of fakes out there. Authentic Bape sweatshirts sell for $280USD (or $230 in Japan). Authentic Banc sweatshirts are around the same price as Googims sweatshirts - $65-98USD. Banc Tees are around $35-$40.
I'm not a fan of monkeys so I like Banc a bit more - they use Lego characters!
I first saw Yoochun from DBSK wear the sweatshirt and I thought it was pretty cute:
Then, I noticed a bunch of celebrities started wearing it when they went on radio shows and TV shows like Miraculous Victory and Defeat like Gdragon and Seungri from Big Bang.
Bae Seul Gi is sporting both a Banc zip up and cap.
She looks familiar but I don't know her name. She looks so cute in Bancwear - makes me want a pink one.
Some actor? and Tae Yeon from SNSD.
Banc seems to be catching on on Soompi.
Each of these hoodies come in different colours. There are also ones w/ lego Ronald McDonald, Chefs, Micky Mouse (Koreans seem to really like the mouse...), Tin Soldiers, and Doctors (that look more like football players).
Regular Lego:
Headphones - my favourite character. This one was sold out too. Probably 'cause so many ppl saw Seungri + Gdragon wear it on that show.
Headphone zipup! Cute.

The arms look a bit short.
How they fit on girls. I'm not impressed with the quality of the sweatshirts though... I think they look like typical Russel sweats with a design pasted on.
This one is quite popular.. it's sold out on a few websites.
lol this one is so busy... they're lego pieces!
I like how the zipper goes all the way up the hood.
An example of their tees.
The next two are called Bancci's... they copy the colours and style of Gucci.........
I like this dark gray one for guys. It's a zip up.
This one is my favourite subtle one. Monogrammed Banc. I really like it. I believe it also comes in gray.

You can see the full collection of Banc products HERE.

Speaking of printed hoodies, I saw this guy in my English class wearing a giant light pink hoodie with giant Belgian and Eggo waffles all over! The Eggos had stick arms and legs and they were running I think.
Oh maybe the sweatshirt is from Billionare Boys Club! I googled waffle print hoodie and I got this. The waffles look very similar to the sweatshirt xept they were in circles.
There's some interesting fashion going on in my English class... there was this one guy - he's not skinny... and he looked like Waldo one day. He had the white and red stripes going on on his knit sweater, and the same vibrant colours on his striped toque (which had a HUGE pom pom on top!!). He even had Waldo-type glasses.

Today I said I would do the following. Let's see what I accomplished:
- Study Japanese [CHECK]
- Work more on my essay (I'm 3/4 done yay) - Finish draft
- Read Chapter 3 for Geo... and possibly Chapter 5
- Shovel the walkway [CHECK]
- Make dinner.... I don't like pork chops though [CHECK]
- Clean the kitchen [DOUBLE CHECK]
- Do laundry (wash coat) + clean my room... moving my laptop back up [CHECK FOR LAUNDRY]
- Clean out my closet (That was the first thing I started to do when I woke up today... I put away everything in my laundry baskets) [NO.... BUT I VACUUMED ALL UPSTAIRS AND THE MAIN FLOOR INCLUDING THE TILE! AND CLEARED THE FLOOR OF MY ROOM!]
Pretty successful. Going to finish my essay now.


Anonymous said...

Is it possible to buy Banc clothing in the US? Of so, where can I buy it online?

Anonymous said...

supposedly theres a new company from US that is going to be selling it. i found it on soompi, http://www.shopprodigy.com

Chan said...

Thanks to the post above me, they are pretty great, Banc still doesn't show up yet, but I contacted them and they said that they are adding the products and stock. I actually recommend shopprodigy.com, too even though they don't have it yet. They do have COLONIZE!!

Anonymous said...

Oh they have Banc now too, just got them in I believe.


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Mariz Anne said...

Waaahhh... I have dis one already.. it is soo cool and I love the designs.. :)

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