Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Snow Dream

Welcome to another episode where Natasha wonders why the world always seems to work with her.
Yesterday, I semi-wished that we'd be snowed in... and we ARE! Deja Vu from last year!
I'm so happy I can't sleeeeeep! All 3 campuses of SFU are closed, BCIT is closed... a bunch of high schools are too. UBC (lol) is still open. I have time to blog too!
My mom woke me up at 6:30 today to tell me that there's no school... and because of that, I have to shovel the walk and make dinner.
You know what - I actually finished all my homework + readings and I was actually prepared to go to school today unlike most Tuesdays. I even packed my bag (which I never do the day before). Oh well.

So today, I have to:
- Study Japanese
- Work more on my essay (I'm 3/4 done yay) - Finish draft
- Read Chapter 3 for Geo... and possibly Chapter 5
- Shovel the walkway
- Make dinner.... I don't like pork chops though
- Clean the kitchen
- Do laundry (wash coat) + clean my room... moving my laptop back up
- Clean out my closet (That was the first thing I started to do when I woke up today... I put away everything in my laundry baskets)

- Sun Run training in the morning.. I can't do it now 'cause even though my mind is awake, my body is still sleeping
- Study more Japanese
- Edit essay

What I don't understand is why people need to shovel their walks when there's snow like this. When you shovel, you're exposing only a thin layer of snow and in this weather, that thin layer freezes, creating a more slippery ground! If you don't, your foot crushes the existing top layer, creating a grip between your foot and the ground so you don't slip.

Ok all this excitement is wearing off. I will soon be up in my room.. unless the tea my dad made me will kick in.
Good morning,

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Nat said...

im super duper glad for the snow day too, but.. not as excited as you i dont think! i didnt have a dream about it, tho i did wishfully think it out loud to someone at work yesterday. that's an awful lot of things to do for a snow day :P haha. i cant say i did much more than i would if i had school.. i only caught up on these small tasks i had, like installing software, ordering some books on amazon (i got the visaperks 10$ off (had to create new account) AND my dad had a 20$ gift cert! so awesome).. yeeep.

oh yeah, so todayyyyy i woke up to the radio saying blah blah blah is closed, sfu, bcit, high schools.. no ECI :( i didnt think it was that much snow anyway, so i wasnt really expecting to have snow day for me. i checked eci website, nothing, emails nothing.. so i figure school is still on. mom asks if i should call, i figure naw, website would be updated. i get my dad to drive me out to station, and then dims tells me that one list says i have school, another says i dont!! so i call other people, waking them up, daniela tells me if u call the school it says classes are cancelled. AHHHH so my dad has to drive me back home (i never got out of the car) buut we couldn't make it up this small hill, so had to leave the car and walk the last 3 mins home. i felt so stupid!!! lol. annd then i slept til 11 :D so fun. i mean, lazy..