Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A Day in the Yu Ess of Eh

I went down to the States today w/ Nad + her parents (hehe 'cause we don't drive... yet... we will! This Spring!)

They picked me up at 6:45AM!! I only had 5 hours of sleep from the night before so I slept on the way down. We were actually early -- the mall and Ross didn't open yet so we went to Target (or Tar-jay as ppl in the South call it).
$1 ______ for Dummies books anyone? There were so many different types from Sudoku to Cocktails/Improving Memory/Spanish/Toning-up/Wedding/Baby Sign Language/Instant Messaging/Ipod... lol
They have these seats for kids w/ the buggies! Nad's sitting on it -- I've never seen these before.
I bought 2 resistance bands ($2.50 each!) and a mini pot where you can grow miniature roses! It was a valentines thing.
Then we checked out Ross. Ross isn't really for me anymore.. I think I'm at an age where the junior section is too young and the woman's section is too old. The only thing I enjoy looking at are the handbags, accessories, and some of the home decor. Oh well - more time spent at the malls that means!
So while we were waiting for Mrs. Young to shop, Nad and I had fun in the guy's department.... trying on XXL sweatshirts haha!
Here are our gangster wannabe/"thugged out" (LOLLL) pics -- Nad looks so much more gangsta than I do lol
haha LOVE ITIt also comes with a satin-lined hood! Nad got a kick out of that. All for $20!
Ate lunch @ the small Teriyaki restaurant next to Ross that I always seem to go to whenever I'm down there - no matter who I'm with. It's cheap and the portions are American sized hah.
Next -- went to Alderwood Mall (yay!) and shopped for 3.5 hours. We spent most of our time at Forever 21. At first, I didn't find anything, but they kept on bringing out new stock so I got a couple of items - a silk-like top and another black dress to add to my collection. (One thing - I think their employees should wear some sort of tag or something so that I know that they work there! They look like customers the way they dress and act.) We made a couple quick stops @ Sephora and ForLove21 (the jewelry I saw online looked so cheap in the store...) and found the Abercrombie Kids store. I bought 4 pairs of false eyelashes @ Daiso for $1.50 each (wooot woot) and checked out the jeans @ Abercrombie. I fell in love with a pair of light washed destroyed jeans (whoooda thought?). They look quite a bit different than this picture though -- they fit like skinnies almost!
I didn't get to check out a lot of the stores but that's a good thing 'cause it saves me money.
Costcooooo!! Their Costco pretty much has everything. Nad tried on some glasses and then we browsed around.
We found this Pirates of the Caribbean bed for kids! Crazy!
I found a new love in this $15 Butter Body Pillow. So soft!!!!!!!!!!!! Sarang...
Yes I know - weird that I'm hugging it goodbye on top of a bunch of diapers..... I had to part with it... so sad.
I ended up buying Polaroid film + a bag of Veggie Chips (yum!).
Then we drove back up to Canada and ate at this small Chinese Restaurant in Richmond that had $2 noodles! So cheap la~ haha
We also had a bunch of other things... and my beloved elephant ears from Taiwan! I love this stuff! Xept for this version, you can put meat in it!
So yea - very happy happy turtle!

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Nat said...

hahahahahahahahhaha......... saying goodbye ontop a box of diapers.............hahahahhaa. you should've bought it! i should've haha. i woke up this morn and looked on my bed..and i think it would fit quite nicely!! darn. haha.. even at the end of the bed.. could roll up to fit nicely under the knees..

boo i want to go back down =P

..gangsters dont flash the peace sign in such a honger manner :P