Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Bring On The New Year

OK - so I'm actually not ready to start 2008 yet. There are certain things I want to improve in my life but I haven't yet pinpointed them. I think that should be my motto for 2008: always improving. Resolutions? People are always saying that they "don't believe in making resolutions" because they never keep them anyway... but why not even try? What are you going to lose? I mean - if you say "I'm going to exercise 3 times/week", you'll at least follow through for one week, if not two! So at least you do something instead of saying "I'm not going to make a resolution" and not even attempt to exercise at all. Anyway, my motto/resolution includes improving myself as a person in all aspects such as school, nutrition and exercise. It won't be easy, but I think it's quite achievable. I'll update you guys on that once I figure out my goals for this year.

hehe I also have fashion goals - to not buy any cheap clothes unless I have a specific reason to (like if it's Hallowe'en and I just need a hot pink top to wear that one time)... and to invest in some good quality, classic jeans that won't go out of style.
like these Citizens (Citizens of Humanity): Ava Straight Leg Jeans [$159]
or these Citizens: Amber High Rise Boot Cut Jean [$161]
Citizens: Ingrid Flare Jean [$194]
Sevens (Seven For All Mankind): Kate In Midnight Mercer [$152]Sevens: Bootcut X-long in London [$180]
I usually don't like lighter washes (esp. w/ heels) but this is a good one.
Sevens "A" Pocket Jean - Non Stretch [$187]
Casual and very nice wash + back pocket detailing.Sevens: Long Boot Cut Jean [$185]
Much lighter than I would wear, but they look good on the model.
I just found these when browsing ShopBop (I loooove this store! Their e-mail ads always gets me clickin' on their website). I'm not big on pocket detail -- the simpler the better... and I don't want the brand name screaming... so not really any of the popular True Religions. All of the jeans above have a very simple back pocket. I'm surprised actually - these jeans are much more affordable than I thought. I always thought they were $250 as Rock & Republic jeans are.
Thing is, I'm scared of spending so much on jeans in case I gain/lose a bunch of weight within the next couple years so this purchase might have to wait lol

I had a pretty full day yesterday.
When I was taking a shower, my mom told me that a HUGE package arrived for me from YesStyle! Exciting! It finally arrived! And this time, it took less than a month (free express shipping). So you might remember the last time I ordered a couple items from YesStyle (my Googims Sweatshirt + thin black cardi) back in October. I was impressed with their service so I had no problem ordering from them again. This time, I took a huge risk ordering this VERY interesting puffy, pillow-collared (supposedly made with down) coat for $48 (I was curious if it's possible to get actual down for such a cheap price!)
I like where the pockets are. I just need the belt and I'm all set to wear it. A belt like the black version of this old Aldo belt.
Anyway, the coat is very different 'cause the collar is totally oversized. I still can't tell if it's made with down or not. It is warm when I wear it in the house, but when I rip the insides, I feel the sort of rip you get when you tear apart cotton baton. As long as it keeps me warm, I'm a happy turtle. It also comes in a very pretty ivory colour that I was going to get, but I already have a beige coat and this one might make me look like a snowman. heee I love this model
I combined my order with B (who bought a white, big buttoned coat) and Nad (who bought a 2 toned pencil skirt dress).
I was originally going to order this trench (the monthly girl is featuring this coat!) -- cute eh?
Then, I ate pho w/ M at 11:45ish then we headed downtown for my free Aveda makeup session at 1. They served me this really yummy tea. My makeup artist was Richard. First, he got me to moisturize my face.. then he used concealer and foundation. I asked for a smoky eye 'cause I was curious how that would look like on me.
So when you first think of the smoky eye, don't you think of something like this? (wow she's pretty)
or this
or this (for the purpose of showing an Asian -- Hyori)
Instead, I got something similar to THIS (actually 5x worse 'cause he gave me these huge cat eyes eyeliner and the shadow was darker!):
What kind of smoky eye is that??? I looked like a robot or that I haven't slept in 5 days. M said I looked bruised from the side. We definitely weren't on the same page. I asked him to make it darker and more dramatic a couple times and finally gave up after the 3rd time. I was so embarrassed to walk down Robson, back to the skytrain! I just wanted to take it all off. Oh well -- I got a $10 Aveda gift card too (as part of the LOULOU magazine coupon) but I tipped him $5 (when I really shouldn't have).

Quickly went home after a stop at Kiehl's (hmm some of their stuff seem waaay overpriced... $55 for a facial scrub that doesn't even smell like anything??) and washed off the eye makeup.

A couple hours later, I got a ride from M to Artemis's and we went to the Brock House @ Jericho Beach for a dinner and dance. (Apparently I scratched my eyeball 'cause my contact hurts on my left eye when I tear up. I'm gonna be wearing my glasses for the next few days.) Most of the beginning, A had to work at the front with the guests, but we finally got to eat. I must say that it's a huge improvement over last year's even though the crowd this year was a bit older (some 50+ year olds!). The dinner was yummm with a lot of seafood and some moist turkey... but A and I were eying the desserts... more sweets to feed my chipmunk cheeks.
In front of another ice sculpture (says Brass Fan in the back):
I'm not used to being the short one! I'm usually the tall one (or same height)!
The buffet (after dinner):
Our beloved dessert table... there was a crepe station but I didn't take a pic of that.The outside (but heated) marquee where we ate.I saw a lady wearing this $440 BCBG Max Azria Sequined Sheath dress I always admire whenever I pass the Bedo/BCBG Max Azria shop window...
Gooorgeous dress but it just looked alright on her... and it looked as if she was uncomfortable in it.
The balloons fell @ midnight.
Dates with our champagne @ midnight!
We cheered, tried dancing to whatever music we knew, spotted 4 classic Chanel 2.55 Bags (2 of which we're pretty sure are fake), met some new ppl, and had fun!

Side note: Martinis are disgusting.

Going to the states at 6:30AM tomorrow!
I need to run but it's so hard to with glasses - they keep falling off me... and I need to watch TV while I run.

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Nat said...

third smokey eye pic is good.. first one (self done) looks kind of bruised too.all those jeans look good.........coz those models have legs that go on forEVER jeeeeeeeez. i like the sevens. too much $$ tho.

i have yet to try on the new dress.. im so zonked out rite now. tissue stuffed up my nsoe..eyes drooping.. head starting to throb........zzzzzzzz oh well, not as bad as ur mom i'm suree. i hope id idnt leave any germs behind in ur house.. dont want ur mom getting sick :S

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz today was fun